The Rosary and spiritual protection

:slight_smile: For some reason, whenever I feel really spiritually attacked or threatened, or whenever I’m going through some doubts or a trial, I feel so much better if I keep my Rosary near me, especially if I hold it or put it around my neck. (and especially if I pray it. ;))

I was wondering, has anyone else experienced this?

would you say this is psychological or do the demons actually fear the Rosary? (that’s what St Louis De Montfort has suggested)

God bless :slight_smile:

NOTE: I am NOT talking about supersition here. If the demons fear the Rosary, it’s not because of the object itself, but because of its association with Our Lady, and because it is a sacramental (if it’s blessed.)

do u have a stong relationship with the blessed mother???

I pray the rosary every day and always say a decade when I feel stressed or upset. I feel calmer and more relaxed immediately!

I try to :slight_smile: but I think it needs to be stronger.

that’s wonderful :slight_smile:

Yes, I would most definitely say demons fear the Rosary. Here is a wonderful story about St. Dominic doing an exorcism.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

It’s kind of long, but it’s really good.:smiley:

wow - thanks!! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

I also say the Rosary too. When I feel like I am being spiritually harassed or attack I feel relief almost immediately when I pray the Rosary. For me that is the surest way to go. Sometimes I can’t say the Rosary but say a few Hail Mary’s and that works as well. I always feel safer going through Mary. Even when I’m real nervous about going to confession, I say the Rosary and a sense of calm comes over me and that anxiety is lifted.

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