The rosary daily


Does it matter what mystery you pray I like the sorrowful mysterys and glorious but do I have to stick to a daily schedule
Sunday Wensday glorious
Monday Saturday Joyful
Thursday lumionus
Friday Tuesday sorrowful

Can I pray the rosary each day but am I able to pick out the mystery


I don’t see why not. Those days are just suggested since they match the day’s “theme” (Jesus’ crucifixion was on a Friday, so pray the sorrowful mysteries, etc.). I’m personally debating on praying the joyful instead of the luminous on Thursdays.


I frequently go off schedule on Saturday. That’s the day I pray the Rosary while in Adoration, and I don’t want to limit myself to the Joyful Mysteries when doing so.


Yes. Mary - would love to have you - following your heart - on this matter !


nope it doesnt matter. Just pray


@convertingtocatholic , in the words of Pope Paul VI "The Rosary is an excellent prayer, but the faithful should feel serenely free in its regard. "


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