The rosary: inside prayers or vocal?

I usually pray the rosary vocally but when I go to adoration I must pray it in silence. I find it hard to pray in silence and stay focused. I would like to be able to pray in silence because it reminds me of Mary and how she pondered everything in the quiet of her heart. I tried practicing a silent rosary last night but it was a disaster, so unfocused. So, iv’e gone back to praying it outloud. Does anybody have a preference, and why?! :):wink:

I tend to do both, but for me I usually end up mouthing the words or whispering it, just because I pray the rosary late at night or at adoration, or just at times like when I’m drinking coffee that I don’t want to speak my prayers out loud.

I prefer to pray in silence. Vocal prayer is a toil to my heart. Although, I try to recite one rosary in regard to the promises made to Bl. Alan de la Roche. Most often I recite the rosary in a choir.

I usually find mouthing the words or whispering helps me sufficiently concentrate on what is being said.

I am like you. I prefer to say my prayers aloud, but if I’m at adoration, I mouth the words. I find that helps me keep focused on what I’m saying.

I love the rosary sung and when I am in my car singing away with the cassette tape I have of the rosary (that dates me as older I’m sure!~) I feel so close to Mary.

I can pray it silently as well. It takes me longer to concentrate on the mysteries when I pray it silently but I do the best I can.



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