The Rosary is a Place....Fr Groeschel

***I just received my cd yesterday, and I played it this morning, I love it! The only thing they could have left out, is the song that runs through it. I think singing ‘Ave Maria’ would have been more appropriate…I’m not much for random songs appearing in very spiritual prayerful situations.

I just love Fr Groeschel to pieces. :love: His calming voice and interpretation of each mystery, is a great way to begin the day! I highly recommend purchasing this cd if you are looking for a companion to pray the Rosary. :)***

I was falling in and out of sleep during his show Sunday (the 1 a.m. CDT replay)…did he announce that he had a minor stroke? Did anyone see that?

***Well, he is up there in age…I give him credit for continuing to preach the Gospel, etc…:thumbsup:

I didn’t see that show, I used to watch it regularly…and then I forget it’s on…I knew he had a stroke…how did he seem? :(***

First of all, the Rosary is THEE place to be - safely in the arms of Our Lady!

Second, I have it on good authority that in fact he did have a minor stroke, but he is doing well. Keep him in prayer!

Yes, I heard this on one of his shows sometime in the past few weeks.

Father Groeschel also wrote an excellent book called The Rosary: Chain of Hope.

Yes, I saw that show. He had a minor speech problem, but he should overcome that in time. Tim

Stand in line sweetie, we all love him to pieces…Where can I buy this?

A bit off topic but I have often felt waching Fr I was listening to a saint…You know that he knew so many who are in the canonization process personally

I also think he could be a mystic…He spoke once about something that happened to him in a church when he was just a child that led him to know he was to be a priest but he never said what it was

He is very humble and I am only surmising…I doubt that he would ever reveal anything to anyone about this…but you can just feel the pull of God in him…

Many years ago when I lived in NYC, I had an opportunity to meet Fr Groeschel. He was amazing then and I listen to him whenever I get the chance. He’s a saint.

The Rosary is a Place airs on my local Catholic radio station (WFJS 1260 AM, Trenton, NJ) every morning at 9:30 AM. I would listen to it if it weren’t for the song associated with it which I don’t particularly care for. Nothing against the musician – she has a nice voice and I’m sure she has written some wonderful spiritual music – but the song just doesn’t do it for me.

I bought it through the leaflet missal…i think the website if I recall right, is or .com…one of the two. I listened to it again this morning…I absolutely love his interpretation of the mysteries, and while I usually offer up a prayer intention before each decade, he suggest one to meditate on, right before the decade begins. It’s really great. I just don’t care for the singing between each mystery…I could do without that…pretty singing voice, lovely song…I just don’t like singing, other than a “chanting” ave maria type song. Hope you enjoy. Beware, it took almost a month for me to get this…it was sold out when I ordered it! :o

I thought I was alone in thinking that, I don’t care for it either…It just doesn’t 'fit.'

What a great experience…did you spend anytime talking with him much?

There is a series of Rosary videos on Youtube and I think its with Fr. Groeschel plus video clips. It helps me so much with praying the Rosary. I can’t wait to get his CDs as well.

***I wanted to add here also, and think I’ll start a thread on it…if you have verizon as your tv service provider, under ‘people and culture’ (think that is the subsection), you can find the Rosary given by Fr Reed, I believe he is a priest at Notre Dame. He is awesome…his Rosary is so rich and beautiful to follow along with…you feel like he is right in the room praying with you. My dd loves him!

Just wanted to share that…***

This was a while ago, well before I was married. At the time, I was seriously considering religious life and was discerning with a community near NYC. Fr Groeschel knew the community and visited there from time to time. I happened to be visiting when he was and agreed to talk with me about the discernment process and the call to religious life.

I only had maybe a half-hour to talk with him, but it was wonderful. He was very practical in his advice and opinions and at the end of it, he said, “God’s will is not good, not better, but it is best.” Never forgot that.

I think you were advised by a someday canonized saint

***How awesome beachcomber, I agree with redrosetea. :o You are so fortunate to have had such an experience. ***

Yes he had a stroke and only missed one week of his show. Did you know he was clinically dead twice. One time he was considered dead for a half an hour. He is an amazing guy.

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