The Rosary

I haven’t prayed the rosary in a long long time… i do it then dont do it for a long time… how can i get the right motivation etc? sometimes i feel as if i have to be in a certain state of mind doing it or i need the right scenery… i know this is wrong… i have recently started to read a st louis de montfort book on mary for motivation… also have you got any tips etc? some days i used to be able to really connect then alot of the time quite a blank feeling…

I feel you! I’m going through thesame difficulty now.
A saint once said(i’ve forgotten his name) something in the lines of you cannot be praying the rosary consistently and sinning at thesame time and vise versa! And i think he was right.I’ll advice you to gather courage and strength irrespective of your state of mind to pray the rosary today.If u feel its difficult…make a simple prayer to Jesus and ask for Mary’s intercession to give you the strength to pray the rosary.I did that abt 3 days ago and it worked!:slight_smile:

Just do it right now :slight_smile:

I started saying the rosary without the actual rosary, I just followed the guidelines on the website and counted using my fingers.
I didn’t start praying the rosary when I was in the right “scenery”, surprisingly the first time I prayed the rosary, my sister had been in the room. From then on, I committed to it, and then I kept doing it. It later on becomes a habit, a very fruitful one!

To motivate yourself, for every mystery, you can simply talk to Jesus and mother Mary.
I don’t believe you need the right scenery for the rosary, I guess a bit of silence would be great.

Trust me, the day will come when you feel you are completely ready to begin your journey with the rosary, even if you got no idea how to start.


I am enrolled for a program that provides transportation for the elderly and disabled. That being said, I found a recording on Itunes for catholic rosary and downloaded it in my Ipod Shuffle. As I head for work each morning, I pray the rosary along with the recording. Once in a while before Sunday Mass starts, someone will lead the parishoners in the rosary. And rosary is included in First Friday Adoration. These are some of my opportunities saying the rosary.

Don’t wait for the feeling to say the Rosary in order to say it. Just do it, and a habit will form and then you will begin to recognize the blessings! Perhaps pictures of the mysteries can help, or a Scriptural Rosary, where you say a line of scripture before each Hail Mary.

If you want to, you can do a search for a Scriptural Rosary and print it out. :slight_smile:

I am in the same boat as you. I started praying the rosary on a daily basis for a few weeks then I didn’t pray it for two days and felt I could not get back into it. I will have to try and restart praying the rosary. Just remember that this is a prayer given to us by the Mother of God with whom we meditate on the life of Christ in this prayer. Make habit of it and make time for it during the day and stick to it.

Commitment is key to praying every day. Don’t wait until you are in need, pray it daily. Recognize that you can pray it at any time, and stick to it.



I loved the rosary long before I considered joining the Catholic Faith. I think my zeal for it developed as I was developing a deeper connection with Divine Mother. My Mom said that every time I mentioned Divine Mother, she thought of Mary. I started seeing the truth to her observation and started imaging Mary in my mind. She gave me a CD from that covers all mysteries in the recitation of the rosary. It has been 4 years now of praying the rosary several times a day. To and from work, I pray the rosary. That has grown to wanting to pray it more, so I pray it now when i awake, and before bed. It has grown to include intentions for priests/religious and for prayer requests. The rosary praying puts my mind/heart in the realm of communion with the saints and that is a good thing.

For me my prayer time is a meeting with my Higher Power and I guard that time well. I have a small area of my bedroom set up with my prayer mat, candles and images to guide me in my journey. I meditate on readings about the mysteries too, to help my understanding.

So how do you learn to pray the rosary? You pray the rosary. It all just boils down to doing it, no matter what. I keep beads with me wherever I go, and often just find myself saying the hail mary walking in the hallway of my work…it has saturated my life and for that I am thankful.

Thanks for hearing my share.

Just start doing it :slight_smile:

I started praying it regularly and now I feel guilty if I haven’t prayed it in a few days. I’m working through a 54 day rosary novena right now and I can already see the blessings in my life. Just use the time to talk to Mary and ask for guidance and intercession. I think you’ll be amazed :wink:

We are in the month of May – the month of Mary. Why don’t you make Mary a shrine with candles and flowers to express your love for your heavenly Mother? You could pray your Rosary in front of your shrine, which should motivate you. God bless you.

Saying the rosary when you find it hard to do so is a rewarding moment to gain strength by reciting it.

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