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My husband asked me a question today about the Rosary and chaplet of Divine Mercy. I tried looking online for the answer but I couldn’t find it. The question was, why are the prayers repeated? as in why is the Hail Mary repeated 10 times? All I could tell him was that the 10 Hail Mary’s represent a decade but I don’t know why.

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By repeating a prayer several times, you don’t have to pay attention to them, and can instead give your attention to the mysteries. By going through all of the mysteries you touch on all the important points of their lives, so it’s a complete picture.
I think the mysteries also correlate to the order of some of the prayers the priest says when he reads the Breviary… but I haven’t quite figured that part out. :confused:

Whatever the historical reasons are, I think God in all his goodness, gave us a way to take care of things without a watch. i.e. water these plants for 10 Hail Mary’s and then…


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With the rosary, every time you say a prayer, it’s a** rose**! When you finish, it’s a crown of roses to be presented, I believe, to Our Lady!

Similar thing with the chaplets. I know for one chaplet, a saint said Our Lord said for** every time we said this one prayer, he would release 1,000 souls from purgatory**. For another prayer, one soul every time.

Some of the prayers are “reparations”…like with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.
St. Faustina was also very much involved with purgatory. It’s my understanding **EVERY time you pray that, Our Lord said he would multiply his mercy. **It’s actually best with Divine Mercy, 3 pm in the afternoon, time he died…but any time is also good.

We have received this information from numerous apparitions!

A word on repetition:

Revelation 4:8’—Heavenly creatures sing “Holy, holy, holy” continuously, nonstop, day and night!

Matthew 26:39-44…Jesus repeats same prayer 3 times.

Psalm 136…“His steadfast loves endures forever” is repeated…26 TIMES!

Thank you Clearwater, for taking the time to answer. I’m sure it took time to find these wonderful quotes from the Bible. :slight_smile:

It is repeated because when the Blessed Virgin Mary presented to Rosary to us way back when ( I think it was to St. Domonic ), she asked for the 10x repititions !

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The rosary grew out of the “Poor man’s psalter”.

Monks would chant all 150 psalms in a two week or four week cycle depending on the schema their monastery used for their daily liturgical prayers. The repetitive cycle of 150 psalms was called the psalter. Ordinary people who could not read and didn’t have Bibles would pray 150 Our Father’s or 150 Hail Mary’s instead - the “Poor man’s psalter.” They tied knots in ropes to keep track of the prayers.

The original rosaries had fifteen decades of 150 beads representing the 150 psalms.

For me the repetition helps with meditation on the particular mystery. For me, each Hail Mary is like saying 'I love you". Our beloved should never get tired of hearing us say, “I love you.”


I’ve always used the workout analogy when describing the repetition of prayers in the rosary. Do you get physically fit by doing a single pushup? Probably not. Similarly, will you get spiritually fit uttering a single “Hail Mary” every once in awhile? I bet not. The repetition is for our benefit to really get into that mood where we are most receptive to what God is trying to tell us.

just wanted to share a link for THE ROSARY CONFRATERNITY:

a ton of info, including the promises Mary made to those devoted to saying the rosary.

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