The Rosary

I wonder how many times do you pray the Rosary?
I pray it once a day , sometimes two. So how many rosaries do you pray usually?

St Padre Pio used to pray at least 30 Rosaries a day and sometimes 50 times! ( He used to talk about others on how many rosaries did they pray each day :
To Enedina Mori: “When you get tired reciting the Rosary, rest a bit, and then restart again.”
February 6, 1954 9:00 PM, to father Carmelo: “I still have 2 rosaries to pray today. I said only 34 so far. Then I will go to bed.”

Answering to father Michelangelo: “Today I said 32 or 33 rosaries. Maybe 1 or 2 more.”

Answering to father Mariano: “About 30. Maybe some more, but not less.”
'How do you do it? “What is the night for?”

Answering a question: “Some days I say 40 Rosaries, some other days 50.”
How do I do it? “How do you manage not so say any?”

To Lucia Pennelli one morning around 7:00 AM after Mass: “How many rosaries did you say so far today?” 'Two". “I already said seven.”
To Lucietta Pennelli, one day at about noon: “Today I have already said 16 complete Rosaries.” )

So I got an idea about starting something cool by posting everyday how many Rosaries each one of us has prayed!
I think it is a good idea and it pushes others to join us and pray the Rosary more and more.
What do you think?

I find it difficult to believe that anyone can say that many rosaries in a day.
50 x 20mins = 1000 mins = more than 16 hours.
How can that be possible?
Was Padre Pio referring to a mystery, and not a complete rosary, I wonder?
Either that, or the rosary was being rattled off at an extraordinary speed.
But even if he could say one in ten minutes, that’s over 8 hours.
And I don’t see how saying a rosary so quickly would involve much meaningful meditation.

Well, he is a saint so he is saying the truth for sure and remember he barely used to sleep… and i think he meant 5 decades but i don’t know. Either way , he used to pray many rosaries!

given the formality of the public rosary verses a private rosary-i cheat a bit on the structure of the private one- in that i only pray a hail mary to tally// so adding perhaps 100 over two hours in bed before sleep/ perhaps a person is called to do it this way / is there a wrong or right way when there is ‘trauma’ to suffer through…so this is private and personalized- adding up many very quickly, and quality not quantity considered…in fact over a period of time-as trauma continues to body and mind…as is my case (mercy asked for)…this seems to melt the embitterment as cold frozen ice over the spiritual heart…and for further research…this is not to take heaven by force nor storm, rather becomes a ‘begging’ prayer…

More prayer is always good.

Pope John Paul II said 3 rosaries a day. He said some of the rosary as he was walking thru the halls going to different rooms and meetings.

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