The rose between the thorns.

I just came back from a trip to a secular country, and it seems to me that this year its getting more and more far from God :dts:, last year when I went to that same city there were lots of nudity and sexual ads in the streets, this year they added same-sex ads to that, not to mention the quantity of people tattooing, I was really disappointed and sad to see such things happening in the secular societies, my morals were very low :(, I wished I could shorten my trip and run back to SA, the only moments where I could feel alright were at the Church.

For some moments I thought maybe people want someone to :takethat: on their heads to wake them up for God, exactly as Muhammed did, until one day as I was roaming inside the city in the morning I got lost and I found myself infront of the Catholic Church which I usually attend in the afternoon, so I said to myself let me enter now instead of afternoon, and coincidentally there was a mass going on, so I sat at the back and I was observing what type of people attending the morning mass, then suddenly I noticed a Nun!, I couldn’t believe my eyes, this the first time I see a Nun in my life, when I looked at her, I really felt the holiness coming out of her :heaven:, then I decided to talk to her to know more about Nuns in that secular country, when the mass finished, she didn’t go right away, she stayed praying for around fifteen more minutes, and when she left I followed her and I faced her in the front of the Church door and I greeted her and told her may I take few minutes from your time sister Nun, she replied okay, I start asking her about Nuns and Christianity, and I told her that I’m surprised to see a Nun in this city after what I have seen so far.

We talked and talked, but her time was tight because she had to go to an English lesson to enhance her English, and I discovered that she was a French Nun sent by her Church ministry in France to take an English course, so we agreed to meet again in the Church the next day to continue our discussion, and we did, and also we met again the third day, the discussion was really fruitful, and that led me to believe that there is always a rose between the thorns, that angel Nun left my morals up and brought the spirit back to me, every topic we discussed about Christianity, Islam, and the secular world, her reply was very logic and very convenient to me (I actually felt that she is inspired by the Holy Spirit) :angel1:, she told me her story and how she had chosen to become a Nun few years back when she was at the age of only 23 and how in the first place she wanted to be a Nun at the age of 13 when she fell in love with Christianity when she used to see Nuns wearing their religious clothing walking in the streets in France, I was amazed by her story and I was amazed also when I knew that she is a Virgin Nun (that explained the holiness and light which were shining from her) :getholy:.

After those three days with her, she had to go back to France and I had to go back to SA, we exchanged emails for future religious discussion and for my plan to let my Muslim sister visiting her one day to see the true holiness and how someone would sacrifice everything for God. May God bless every step of her on this earth for her pure heart and chaste spirit. :gopray2:

Sam, thanks for sharing this wonderful story. God bless

Are you going to tell us which country? :slight_smile:

God bless you too :).

Its one of the English speaking countries, unfortunately for security reasons I can’t specify it.

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