The Rule of St. Benedict?

Does anybody know of a traditional book that expounds upon the Benedictine Rule for the layman?

There are several, some written for traditional monastics, and some for oblates. Check for starters, or google “Rule of St. Benedict” (make sure you have it entirely in quotes).

I can give you an address you might find interesting

For further details of LCB please contact:
Lay Community of St Benedict
PO BOX 559
Rickmansworth WD3 7XQ
Tel: 0845 4582994
Website: www. laybenedictines. org

(It’s British).

If there is a Benedictine Abbey near you, it probably has a book and or gift store. That is where I got mine.
Deacon Ed B

If I may suggest, join the Monastic Life e-mail list.

It’s mostly Benedictine Oblates, though some fully professed monks.

There is a daily reading and commentary on the Holy Rule.

Kind of related (but not too much :D). I’m reading a book by St. Hildegard of Bingen and she calls St. Benedict “the second Moses”–presumably for giving his rule like Moses gave the law. I just thought that was interesting :slight_smile:

I like Michael Casey’s books, but there are others. Joan Chittister is widely read in monastic circles, and by others. She sometimes bothers me because she has “issues” with the church, i.e. the pope, the magesterium, bishops, etc.

Joan Chittister should be read by no one, in my opinion. Her errors on important matters of faith and morals should be rejected outright as the heresy they are.


if you search the spirituality forum you will find many references to the holy rule, Benedictines and Benedictine oblates, lay associates who follow Benedictine spirituality.

there is a long list of books, one I don’t have here is
Benedict and Therese, an excellent one.
others for applying the rule to daily life:
a Life-Giving Way, Esther deWaal
Saint Benedict, Julian Stead (ed)
Benedict in the World (Kulze, ed), lives of oblates
Praying with Benedict, Katherine Howard
St Benedict’s Toolbox, Jane Tomaine
The Benedictine Handbook, Liturgical Press

The rule with an excellent historical intro, in English and Latin, is The Rule of Saint Benedict (trans Abbot Justin McCann OSB) from Roman Catholic Books

Neither Michael Casey nor Joan Chittister can in any sense of the word be described as orthodox or traditional.

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