The Rush Tour/ Dog the Bounty Hunter


My 16 yr old son saw an advertisement for this, and wants to go because he thinks Dog is cool. Is anyone familiar with this? I looked it up on the internet, and it appears to be a have some Christian roots. My son does not know this; he decided not to believe in God about a year ago. I’m thinking of getting tickets, but was hoping to get a little more info on it.


It looks like a fundraiser - I do not see anything really Christian to it…


I don’t know about the tour, but I have watched Dog the Bounty Hunter on TV. He rubs me the wrong way. He is this really scary looking guy all loaded with ammo out to catch the bad guys. When he finally catches up to them, as he’s handcuffing them to take them to the police he’s preaching to them about how they could turn their life around from a life of crime if only they would give themselves to Christ. There was one episode that they caught someone at their apartment complex and he had all the onlookers circle around the person and pray for them. Just a little too over the top for my taste.

Then there is his wife who needs to cover up “the girls” just a little bit.



Oh no… Not prayer!!!:rolleyes:
In Dog’s defense, he is not "ammoed’ up, actually he cannot carry a gun. He has pepperspray. (and a bullet proof vest) Though Dog is very over the top, he is an example of someone who was in the system and is now TRYING to be better and help. That being said. It is an adult show at best. At worst it is reality trash. I happen to enjoy it but don’t let my kids watch as they are toddlers. I have heared his talkes are toned down and very moving. ( as long as there are no racial slurs):smiley:
Dog is kinda my style but I don’t think that is everyones cup o tea. Ultimately at least he is out there trying to tell people to change thier lives. even talking of our Lord. However his theology is protestant and weak but then that is not really his forte is it?
Rush… Are we talking about the music group?
The only Rush I would listen to is Limbaugh!!! the Music group has never tickled my fancy and judging by thier fans I would guess the whole event is not very Christ centered. So that could factor into a young impressionable 16 year old.
We Catholics have our own “Dog” in Jesse Romero


He’s the star of a reality TV show. It’s his gig, his persona to dress up and intimidate the bounty.

He is a Christian and he does like to preach where he can.


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At the very least, one must give her credit for being self confident. I mean, putting that figure into those clothes takes guts.


I never watched Dog the bounty hunter, but I always kinda liked him because he captured a serial rapist, who was an heir to the Max Factor makeup fortune, who escaped to Mexico. Of course, Mexico was being no help in finding this guy who would give date rape drugs to women and sexually assault them. He had dozens of charges against him, if I remember correctly.

At any rate, Dog went to Mexico and dragged his perverted butt back to America to be charged. I always liked him after seeing that story on the news. Dog then got in trouble with some international law mumbo jumbo after that, but has since been cleared. :thumbsup:

I dunno about the show, since’s it’s reality tv, it probably is made all dramatic looking for ratings, but I have no problem with what he does personally. But that’s just me :shrug:


He has a good heart, I like watching the show. his wife is just heavily endowed:) !


Thank you for all the replies. I actually have watched the show (or at least parts of it), and I know what it’s about. I’ve never seen him preach or pray on the show… that’s good to know. I was more specifically interested in what he says during these Rush Tour concerts. On the web site (, it just says it talks about his life and his faith. The shine link was good - that means it is advertised on Christian radio, at least.

One of the posters made reference to racial slurs. If that is true, though, I’m out right there.

…did a quick internet search. Seems his son taped a telephone conversation of a “racist rant”, so seems it’s true.


I did the google search too. Oh, boy. Seems he went off on a tirade because his son was dating a black woman. Called her the N word, and told him he couldn’t work in the family business unless/until he broke up with her. :dts: :tsktsk: :banghead:

Another poster gave me the rolled eyes for commenting how he prays over the people he catches. Absolutely we should pray for the people who have made wrong choices in life…but its the way he goes about it. He starts his day by packing up his pepper spray (not ammo, my mistake) and talking up how they are going after a scumbag. Bragging how no one can hide from him… Referring to the target as a scumbag and other not nice names. When the person is finally in handcuffs and been tossed around a bit, then the pious act starts…“Lets pray for our poor misguided brother.”


To get back to the OP about whether your son should go or not, I would be cautious. Cautious? At a Christian event? Why?

If you son has just now come to believe in God, he is still, shall we say, impressionable. Having said that, I have been to Christian concerts in the past. First and foremost, let me say that the music is AMAZING. To hear God’s name glorified in such a way is inspiring. I truly did enjoy every concert that I went to. The thing that you want to be aware of is that, while these bands are Christian, they are not Catholic. Sometimes at the concerts they will do “alter calls” where you profess your devotion to Jesus Christ and become “saved” as they say. Mind you, this is not what we as Catholics believe or how we live our lives. With your son being so impressionable, it would lead me to believe that being in this place, with the inspiring songs, feeling a ton of things that he has not felt before, he may “buy in” to this and think that this is the way to go and this is what religion is all about. If you want to raise him in a Catholic home, just be aware that Catholicism will not be stressed at this event.

Not that the concert would be bad, I am not saying that at all, I think that Christian concerts are a wonderful thing, but again, you have to be knowledgable about your faith so that you are not sold something that you do not truly believe to be true (i.e. being “saved”)


Hello Mirror Mirror, It is actually the other way around. He recently decided that he does not believe in God anymore.


Misread, my apologies. Do I think that it would hurt for him to go, no, I do not. Maybe it would be the push that he needs to get back into his faith. Once that interest is back there and his heart is open to let God back in that is when he will want to absorb the faith like a sponge. That is when he needs to understand the teachings of the Chruch. Maybe then he will get involved with a local youth group if there is one near you?

I do hope that he gets this straight for his own sake.


This is another poster… You don’t have to like it but please at least try to understand the proffession of being a bounty hunter. 99.9% of what you deal with IS scumbag. they will kill you. You get little to no help from police and you are dealing with drugged out people that NEVER WANT to go back to jail. So you have to be hard line…even harder than the cops. But once you are there and you have them in cuffs and you can talkto them as you decide weather or not to allow thier bail to be revoked or not you have a chance to talk to them. This may be one of the only times they have left outside the system. Plus with dog it is kinda personal thereapy for him too. As he wishes someone had helped him out before he was imprisoned for murder.

The racist episode was a private phone call. I would hate if someone taped me (no racist remarks but still I can say some wierd stuff to my friends and family especially in a heated dispute) 21 If you over look a murder rap to condemn on a racist comment you are a little odd yourself. Someone else said a racist comment IN PUBLIC and I’ll bet quite a few people here still would watch The Passion! But maybe a white trash bounty hunter who is a reformed murderer and a new Christian should be held to a different standard:rolleyes:


Has he used racial slurs in his talks? I’m not sure how to take your smilie. My son, who is not “white”, would only use that to reinforce his current beliefs (or lack of).

I didn’t know he comitted murder, but I assume that is a big part of his story of how he came to repentance.


I have not heard of him using ANY racial slurs publicly. I am sure since A&E pulled his show until recently for just a private racial slur that the public outcry would have been loud. (justifiably so)


No he hasn’t made any racial remarks, nor do I believe he is racist. The phone call with his son was meant to be private. no one has any idea what that relationship is like. Whatever he was angry with his son about probably got way overheated. Like someone else said I woud not like some of private convos I have had with my family be put out there for everyone to hear.The man is doing some good works, it is not for me to sit in judgement of him


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