The Sabbath Day?

I am wondering what your thoughts were on living the Sabath day? Does this necessarily mean you have to go to church? Does it mean no work on Sunday?

I have a few neighbors who do not go to church yet they say they hnor the sabbath day in the hearts. They say church isn’t a necessity for them for fulfilling the Sabbath day. They are non-catholic.

Another Evangelical friend says they go to church every Sunday, yet he is always cleaning out his garage later in the day on Sunday which is work. I need some advice here on Sunday mass and work!!!

Ok, these aren’t my thoughts but it would probably be a good place to start when considering what constitutes keeping the Lord’s Day holy:

We go to Church mostly on Sunday. But we always go to Church either Saturday or Sunday.

I try very hard to make Sunday a day for family. My vocation is as a wife and mother. Sunday is a day to honor that vocation more than other times as it is God’s day. I am not always successful.

The thought is to do those things that bring you closer to God.

The Sabbath is made for man, not man for the Sabbath, according to Jesus. It is a day given to us to rest from the labor of the other 6 days, a day dedicated to the Lord. Whatever day your religion observes as the Lord’s day should first of all be consecrated to God in worship with your family and others of your community. The rest of the day is consecrated, that is taken out of the ordinary and made sacred, so your activities should be a break from the daily grind. If your work the rest of the week is servile or physically demanding, Sunday should be a day of rest, quieter activities, perhaps artistic, intellectual, reading, writing, going to a museum or place of recreation. If your daily work is mentally demanding, something physical can be a better relaxation, such as doing the yard word together as a family, sports, bike riding. If you spend your work week indoors, Sunday should allow some time out in nature, the woods, beach, park etc. If you work outdoors all week - delivering mail, landscaping etc, - vegging out in front of the football game on TV may be your relaxation.

it should be a day of rest for mom too, with only the essential housework and cooking, and the family helping her out.

It should above all be a family day, not all the kids off with friends, mom on the computer, dad fiddling under the car.

Here’s something I’ve always wanted to know…

Is the practice of the Saturday vigil mass kept in honor of the original Sabbath or simply to provide a more flexable schedule for mass going Catholics?

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