The Sabbath

how does a Catholic honor the Sabbath and are us Christians still required too and if so how do we?

Catholics and other Christians don’t honor the Jewish Sabbath; we keep holy the Lord’s Day, which is Sunday. Here in the U.S. Sunday is usually seen as the first day of the week. On the Spanish calendar Sunday is the seventh day. But, whether we call Sunday the first day or the seventh day, we are required to honor the day on which Jesus rose from the dead.

The Church tells us to do this by attending mass and refrain from doing ‘unnecessary servile work’ on Sunday. We set Sunday aside as a day to worship God and to rest from our everyday labors insofar as we are able. We shouldn’t devote the day to working, making money, doing chores around the house that we could easily do on another day. Whether we spend time alone or with family and friends or in doing acts of charity, we should try to do things that renew our energies, at least during part of the day.

The Church requires us to attend mass on Sunday. This obligation can be met by attending the vigil mass on Saturday afternoon or any mass during the day on Sunday.

Jesus Christ who is Lord of the Sabbath changed the day of observance of rest and worship for Christians to Sunday, the Lord’s Day, when he rose from the dead on that day. We are obligated to therefore worship the Lord as he commanded by participation at Mass, rest from our ordinary work and spending time with family in growing spiritually and fraternally.

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This is something I have been thinking about a lot. Do I actually keep the Lord’s day holy. I oftentimes find myself thinking of how I do laundry and lots of other chores after mass. I feel that we should keep the day holy as much as possible.

I love the Sabbath! :extrahappy:

I always keep Sunday as a Sabbath day. I avoid anything that goes on a “to-do” list (except for works of mercy, which Jesus did); I do everything on Saturday so I can keep Sunday free. I put aside anything unpleasant. When my mom watches a TV show that does not keep the Sabbath day holy (or when I’ve just plain been in the house too long), I go out on a walk and pray. Some of my best conversations with God have been on Sunday walks (I also recommend The Catholic Way to Pray by Kathleen Glavich–it’s the book I learned prayer from).

I recommend the book Sabbath Keeping by Lynne M. Baab. It has worked so well, I’m convinced God Himself put that book in the library for me to find.

you know after im done with my current books im reading i’ll check out at my library to see if they got them books ya mentioned thanks :slight_smile:

Since I don’t get Sundays off at my job, I still go to Mass on Saturday evenings, and finding other things to do that aren’t considered servile work.

You may also want to take a look at John Paul II’s profound apostolic letter Dies Domini on keeping the Lord’s Day holy. It’s great spiritual reading.

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