The Sacrament of Reconciliation should be available before every Mass


It is difficult to find time and the parish that offers confessions during the week. I think all Masses should be preceeded by a priest available to hear confessions. What do you all think?


I think in a perfect world this would be great, but we do not have enough Priest’s for it to happen.

We are lucky in some place in my diocese to have Daily Mass every day, what to you propose Father stop doing so that he can have time to hear confessions daily?


In many parishes this is the case. It is at my parish. One priest… Father hears confessions before all daily and Sunday Masses.


That’s wonderful. Here in NYC there are parishes everywhere but a 30 minute window for confession on a Saturday.

Now, the three cathedrals nearby have confession daily, but with traffic is 45 minutes to an hour, so ducking away during the work week is usually out of the question.

I think at least Sunday mornings there should be a confessional available for Sunday mass. Although I imagine that that would be exhausting for the celebrant.


We can’t complain because our Priest is almost always available for Confession before Mass.


Become a priest and work towards this.
What do you think


I agree with you. I can not be a priest because I am a woman.


And I’m married.


Growing up Baptist and watching movies where there was a confessional, I thought there was a priest waiting in the confessional 24/7.


I think father has a lot to do, and no associate. At times I wish local parishes would coordinate their confession times, making it more available to everyone in the area, but I assume that doesn’t work since some people only want to go to their preferred priest.

Actually, if I am willing to go in a foreign language, I’ve got better time coverage locally, because that language has better hours.


I’m in a rather fortunate area in this regard. We have about 2.5 hours of confession available around the area 7 days a week, mostly before Masses.


Waiting for the op to respond…


It’s like this at my parish. 6 Masses on Sundays, and two every other day so 18 scheduled confession times per week roughly 25-35 minutes each. Very fortunate to have this here.

Definitely would be ideal to have this sort of thing everywhere, it’s unfortunate it can’t always happen.


In the Denver metro area, we are so blessed to have so many parishes that offer frequent confession times. And those that only offer one or two times a week often have confessions at “unusual” times, like Friday afternoon, or Saturday morning.

My own parish offers confession six days a week, and another parish offers them before every Sunday mass (that parish has priests who are members of an order, and there are three of them). The cathedral has confession times seven days a week.

When I was visiting family in southern California, I was surprised how many parishes offered the sacrament several times a week, even if it wasn’t right before a mass.

Thanks be to God!


In our small parish there is confession on Saturday from 1-2 p.m. Before Mass we have adoration and benediction and the rosary and devotion of the Divine Mercy so he’s not available for confession.

That said, even though there was no scheduled confession before Mass with other pastors either, there have been a couple of times when I have approached the priest and asked if he’d hear my confession right before Mass and I’ve never been refused or told to wait until later.


That’s undoubtably it. Getting the altar servers, readers, etc., on point, making sure that the books are in order, the other details of the mass are together are a priority. Although listening to confessions would be ideal, one person can only do so much


Yes, I agree that confession should be available before Mass. At my Parish it would be difficult as we have only one priest.
We have a shirt against of priests. We need more priests.


Shortage of priests


Great idea!! Hopefully this would encourage more people to get confessions before receiving the Eucharist, especially those who are in a state of mortal sin. Fortunately I live near Knock Shrine where there is a beautiful chapel of reconciliation and confessions are heard 11-5 every day.


I’ve never been to Knock, but I bet they have several priests in residence there.

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