The SACRIFICE of the Mass?


In the Sacrifice of the mass I understand it like this: We are remembering what Christ accomplished in HISTORICAL time 2000 years ago, but his Body and Blood are literaly present. Anotherwords His GLORIFIED Body and Blood are present. So what does the word “sacrifice” mean? Is it to say simply that “This is the one who was Sacrificed for our sins?”


Read this:

Fourth Cup by Scott Hahn

It’s a transcript of one of Scott Hahn’s talks, and it’s well worth the read.



I will probably botch this, but…

We are made present at Calvary, or the sacrifice of Christ, made once for all, is RE-presented at the altar. It is also still actually being offered by Christ in heaven, outside of time. The priest stands in persona christi. He acts as an Alter Christus, or acts for Christ. That is the whole reason the sacrificial priesthood makes the Eucharist something more than a symbolic remembrance.

It allows Christ to be our Passover Lamb throughout time. And we step out of time with all the angels and saints when we “Lift up our hearts”.

I also liked the book by Hahn, The Lamb’s Supper, and a book by Mike Aquilina entitled, The Mass of the Early Christians.

I’m sure others here will have more learned answers. God Bless. Paula


We are offering up Christ’s sacrifice, not sacrificing Him again. See the OT prophecy Mal. 1:10-11.


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