The Sacrifice of the Mass


The author of this article has a deep hate for the **Eucharist**




when the priest speaks, God jumps


John 14:13
And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.



when they say the sinner’s prayer

??? … are they acting “In His Name”


This ignoramous didn’t even get his first major point correct.

It perplexes me that so many continue to distort Church teaching and promote misinformation. My hope and prayer is this action is through “no fault of his own.” Indeed, many of our beliefs can be misunderstood.

As a former Evangelical Protestant who grew to be a dedicated follower of Christ in that environment, the vast majority (although well-intentioned) have not even considered researching what Catholics truly believe. We assumed Catholics teaching was woefully anti-biblical. (That is why educated Catholics need to speak up, or at least guide our separated brethren to good websites like Catholic Answers!)

If in good faith you disagree, fine. But please do not distort, misrepresent, or be quick to demonize. It’s very disheartening. Concerning this matter, perhaps he would do well to consider the scriptural interpretation of the Early Church, and those who gave us the New Testament. :slight_smile:


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