The saga of Mary's Statue!


We recently moved to a new parish and were instated last week. I was walking around it today looking around and saw a statue of Mary hidden in a back corner…

I asked why it was shoved back there and was told that it had been a bone of contention for over 17 years!!!

basically some of the people in the church move her into a prominent position and then others come along at various times and move her out of sight lol…protestant church obviously!

I just thought it was such a literal example of the debates going on within the church…physically moving Mary around the building depending on who wanted her to focus on and who didn’t.

Have any other people come accross examples like this? That show the physical effects of debate within the church?

It just made me laugh that this saga has been going on for 17 years but nobody dares throw it away… they simple argue through their actions lol.

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people from another church come in and move the statue of Mary?? Or is the church shared or something?


over the years one church warden decides on one place… then a year later another church warden has had complaints that she’s too central and is asked to move her…

then another priest comes and does not believe in any marian devotion or focus and so stood her behind a corner… and it goes on like this lol… all 17 years of it!

It’s caused so many people being upset for different reasons that they’re going to try and remove it I think.



An Anglican or Episcopalian Chruch?

I’ve attended a few EC with staues of Mary…some with candles in front of them…sounds like all the wardens should decide…unless of course there are some “weighty wardens” in this parish.:slight_smile:


In the Catholic Church,i remember some years ago there was criticism of the way some churches,in their efforts to focus on the Tabernacle,were just going to the other extreme and statues of Mary and the Saints seemed to get banished.However,i have never witnessed this myself.


Some of our CC don’t have any prominent statues of Mary or it is in the adoration room. Depends how new the Church is i think and most don’t throw much away anyhow. I hope to get one soon for my backyard near the garden.:slight_smile: I was trying to decide on her or one of st. Francis or an angel. Dessert


Anglican…English church of england


It’s gotta be St. Francis of Assissi :slight_smile:

I just thought it was such a literal way to show how the anglican church is unsure of Mary’s role and what direction to take with regards to it.


Why dont they just get a smaller statue and put it out front as a compromise?

They could give away the old one to a good home.


Mary, Mary, quite contrary …

This 17-year of statue shuffling is amusing. At a deeper level, it shows the conflicts within the Anglican Church.

So in this particular parish, what does Mary represent? Why does that relegate her to the corner (no, wait, that was Little Jack Horner).

It seems the concensus of the moment is to leave her tucked away out of sight. Ought to make for a good survey question among the congregation, though.


Or put it in the school for the kids.
This is what our parish did I mean a small one out in front of the altar was from the nuns house i think.


I was just thinking of starting a thread on this who has what statues in there backyard or garden.
Maybe I can get some landscaping ideas.
I like St. Francis and I have a bird bath right in my flowers.:thumbsup:
:hmmm: :love: I’m not sure I love them all.


perhaps as an ecumenical handshake they could give her to the local Roman Catholic Church as a gift where she will be appreciated? I think I would take her if they don’t want to do that officially and do it myself. Or keep her for a nice little private garden like was also suggested.



Who in thier right mind would treat thier mother this way? :shrug:



Have they no Lady Chapel??? I thought every Anglican church had a Lady Chapel!! I guess not, huh??:frowning:


I’ve been in the Anglican church all my life and have never been in a parish with a lady chapel lol…

perhaps in massive cathedrals etc…maybe?? I’ve never seen one in a normal everyday church…



I’ll keep you posted when I can find out…undercover lol


I think she’ll end up in the cellar…but I may try and take her down to the catholic church five minutes away… I’d rather it got used then stored away…

although I may try another catholic church as the priest was very absent at my Dad’s service when he got instated into the parish…when all other denominations sent representatives to say hello lol… I know a nice priest that I like… well I met him once and remembered him lol…

but if they throw her out I’ll have to get her without anyone knowing, well without my Dad knowing!



:coffeeread: If the statue is big enough; and they decide to get rid of it; you could lay it down in the back of a pickup truck in the winter to give the truck more traction in the snow…


lol, I’m afraid I’d feel guilty :slight_smile:


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