The Saints White Scarf?


If your familiar with traditional Icons of early Saints and Bishops of the East and West. They are usually shown wearing a white scarf with there vestments around there neck which has crosses on it, and which hangs down the front. What is the white scarf?:o.

See the link for an example.


Anyone correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that a pallium?


It is an Omophor, it is now only used by the Eastern Churches of the Byzantine Rite, used to be used in th West.

P.S. I wouldn’t order from Monastery Icons, they’re related to some pagan/cultic movement or something.




This is is true about Monastery Icons. Every Eastern Orthodox forums has had detailed discussions on it.

The pallium and omophorion share the same origins. Pope Benedict XVI wore an earlier form of the pallium that resembles the Eastern omophorion:

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