The Salvaging of Notre Dame

A great [lengthy] article over at The American Spectator puts the whole situation at ND in perspective, if anyone here is interested.

Recent years have obscured this trend, as the school has often gestured toward orthodox changes and avoided outrageous speakers like Cuomo. Consequently, the invitation extended to Obama surprised everyone, even campus liberals, and forced an overdue reckoning. It is suddenly clear again that the school, which in many ways represents American Catholicism, is at a crossroads between religious authenticity and secular prestige, and that perhaps it has already chosen its direction.

Interesting article. Everyone should take the time to read.:thumbsup:

Thanks for posting this. Good (but sad) article.

I have already emailed Fr. Jenkins a few months ago, and told him, I would not allow any of my children or grandchildren to attend Notre Dame.

In my mind it is better to send the kids to a University that doesn’t blatantly lie about being Catholic. I prefer honesty to deceipt.

My family and I did the same thing. Our grandkids could go to a “secular” school where it is expected not to follow Catholic teachings many schools come to mind. Or they can go to a school that is actually Catholic. But, sending the children to a school that claims the name Catholic and yet takes great pleasure in supporting a non-Catholic agenda is not an option for this Catholic family.

Was Eamon Duffy really passed over for a job because he was “too much of a Catholic apologist”? What is the source for this claim, I wonder? Who got the job instead?

The history department has had a strong Protestant element–but I know some of the Protestant historians in question and would be extremely surprised if they would discriminate against Duffy in this manner. One of the most eminent members of the history faculty, the Protestant George Marsden, left Duke for Notre Dame and tried to encourage me to choose Notre Dame over Duke precisely because of Notre Dame’s Catholic identity, which he saw as providing a friendlier environment for evangelicals than Duke’s historically Methodist identity. I am pretty sure that Marsden would not see Duffy’s faith-based scholarship as a liability. Nor would Nathan Hatch, or Mark Noll who has now replaced the retirned Marsden (Hatch isn’t there any more either).

I see that Miscamble himself teaches in the history department. So quite possibly these were remarks made by colleagues whom Miscamble doesn’t feel free to name.


Thanks for posting this Rach620. Let’s keep praying for Notre Dame and let’s keep the letters flowing to let the powers that be know that we won’t be satisfied until ND acknowledges and follows Ex Corde Ecclesia.

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