The scary man on the bus

I was on the bus to work in a 4-seater seat with a mother and daughter opposite me. A man came onto the bus and took the seat behind them so he was facing me. As he passed I felt physically nauseated and cold, and when he sat down I noticed his eyes were really black and [hard to describe this] deep? Anyways everything was fine until he took a little black book from his pocket and started murmuring things under his breath and playing with his thumbs which had little symbols on them. I realised something was up and said an ‘our father’, the man then looked really annoyed and started staring at me whilst murmuring under his breath. It was really weird because I felt like it was just me and him on the bus. Suddenly he stood up and got off and glared + whispered something as he passed me. Then I noticed the mother and daughter opposite looked really pale and scared so I smiled at them. This experience really shook me especially as I’m only a teenager and didn’t expect to experiece something ‘nasty’ so soon.

Ever since I was 5 I have been drawn to demonlogy and what I know makes me think the man was a satanist.
Did I act correctly in the situation? Any thoughts? Also have any of you guys had a similar experience. Sorry that was so long!!
Thank You!!! :slight_smile:

  1. Your reading WAY too much into this.

  2. Your being “drawn” to demonology is deeply disturbing. CS Lewis said it best when he said, “You can either ignore them, or become too interested in them (them=demons). Demons are gleeful with both results”

I’m with Rascal on this one.

1)If you’re drawn to this sort of stuff you needn’t be experssing it on the web. You need a good priest who’s nothing short of an expert on spiritual warfare.

2)you know nothing about this man. He could of been an autistic who useses numbers and symbols to calm him. Also, despite popular belief there are fair-haired men and women who practice dark arts. The whole dark eyes/dark hair/trenchcoat thing is done to death.

  1. you’re on a bus and if you were looking at him, he probably just got pissed.

I know the other posters disagreed with your interpretation, but I think you may be right… sure, maybe it was something else, but it’s also possible he was a satanist.

One time I was in the car and suddenly felt like I was driving past something really evil… I didn’t know what it was because I wasn’t facing that direction. I looked to the side of the road and saw a big sign on the building, “psychic”. You never know.

I dont recommend having an interest in the occult or satanism unless it’s an interest in fighting it, but even then, try to focus more on God than on the devil :slight_smile: because that’s our defense… we shouldnt even speak with the devil because we can be tricked, or he’ll use it against us in some way. It’s best to simply pray to God, Mary, and the Saints. It was a good idea to say the “Our Father” on the bus :slight_smile: Also ask your Guardian Angel for help, and St Michael.

I guess we’ll never know who that man was, but I think it’s possible that he was what you thought, because people like that do exist.

God bless

Thank you for all the comments, especially to Monica who gave me the ressurance I needed, I know I read into the experience too much but I had to share with understanding people like yourselves, as it was quite disturbing and not something you can really bottle up!

It may be that he simply was someone eccentric.
However, better safe than sorry. He had strangle symbols on his thumbs? Personally, I would have considered going to another seat. You have the perfect right to avoid a weird stranger. Make sure that an object from such a person doesn’t end up on your person or with your possessions.

Medal of St. Benedict & Miraculous Medal, throw in a prayer to St. Michael and your good to go :thumbsup:


Mind if I join you on this side?

To the OP:

I’ve actually developed an interest in demonology and exorcism that could very well rival yours but if you’ve read any of my posts on the subject here, you’d find I’m more of a tough, hardline skeptic who has even been confused with a materialist.

With that said, I have to say (nay, stress) that you really are reading WAAAAAY too much into this.

Let me tell you something personal: my physical appearance. You know there were times when I met up with people who haven’t seen me in a long time (relatives, old friends, former classmates etc). You know the one thing they all never fail to say when they see me for the first time in months (or years even)?

“Dude! You look like a ghost! What happened!? D8”

Yep. When I was a kid, I was chubby, fat, and healthy as a pet, potbellied pig.

Now, I’m scrawny, geeky, and possess the constitution of a glass skeleton. My eyes are often gaunt due to lack of sleep and constantly working in front of a computer.

What happened? Simple. College. Work. In other words, the fast-paced life of the 21st century happened. There were no demons responsible. Just stress, lack of sleep, and constantly having to pump caffeine into my bloodstream just to keep working.

Now suppose you met me on the bus? In addition to my gaunt eyes and bony cheeks, I also prefer wearing a big hoodie and carry books that indicate my interests in folklore, fantasy, and mythology (which is rife with symbols, images, and other things many people on this “Spirituality” thread have labeled ‘occult’ :rolleyes:). Finally, as to add the icing on the cake plus a cherry on top, I sometimes mark my fingers with my personally made ‘runes’ (just for kicks) and I have a habit of making small yet weird hand gestures whenever I’m reading my fantasy books. (It helps me imagine how I can incorporate the stuff I read into my own stories.)

Tell me, would you have also prayed the Our Father?

Granted how you seem to judge everything on the external side, it would seem likely… and that’s the problem.

But the LORD said to Samuel: “Do not judge from his appearance or from his lofty stature, because I have rejected him. Not as man sees does God see, because man sees the appearance but the LORD looks into the heart.” - 1 Samuel 16:7

Ethically speaking, appearances are ultimately superfluous in judging character. As with symbols, the same thing can actually apply (just take a crash course in either semiotics and/or linguistics). Honestly, had I been in your place, I would have simply ignored the man the same way I would ignore a woman in a burqa, a nun, a biker with tattoos, a black person with bling, a goth chick with eyeliner etc, etc, etc.

And for all we know? Perhaps the reason why the man was irritated by your behavior was because he found your reaction typical and self-righteous of Christianity’s bad examples. (I’m not saying that was your intention but I’m just giving you a glimpse of how people outside the Church see us.)

Sure, just bring the chips and beer.

Rascal, Lost and I aren’t saying that spiritual warefare isn’t real, only that the way you described yourself and the situation led us to believe you’re psycing yourself out. You made a judgment about it that may or may not have been correct.

The biggest problem thusfar is that you state you have “been drawn to demonology” which indicates two things. 1) that you need to pray and break any ties with any things that may have plagued you BEFORE the age of reason. 2) God is moving you to a spiritual call that you’re ignoring.

Either way, this “incident” highlights your own immaturity in dealing with the situation…a situation that was either valid and you were unprepared for, or wasn’t valid and you’ve psycked yourself out for since you were a kid.

We all have the ability to innately sence when things are wrong. According to the book “Survivor’s Club” fear even has a smell. The mother and daughter were just as likely to be practicing witchcraft as the black-clothed man.

That scary man on the bus could have easily been me, muttering “why are these people staring at me” under my voice. But if someone where to spend the time in conversation, they might learn I’m not scary at all, just tired. :thumbsup:

The physical nausea and coldness can by a sign of demonic presence, although from my understanding it’s almost a sense of being freezing. He may have been someone who dabbled in satanism or the occult. On the other hand, the fact you have been drawn to demonology leaves you open to manipulation as well, although you haven’t stated what you meant by “drawn” - mere intellectual curiousity? Actively dabbling in occult practices? Reading up on spiritual warfare?

You could be correct. Personally I’d ignore it. Even if it was from the devil, the purpose was purely to rattle you, nothing else. By itself it’s not going to do any more damage, unless you let it prey on your mind.

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