The scourge of the U.S. election: Fake news, exploding on social media, is seeping into the mainstream


National Post:

The scourge of the U.S. election: Fake news, exploding on social media, is seeping into the mainstream

The news story looked at first glance like it had come straight from one of America’s most established and trusted news sources — ABC TV — and it was an eye-opener.A man claimed Hillary Clinton’s team paid him US$3,500 to pretend to be a protester at a Donald Trump rally, simultaneously calling into question the sincerity of anti-Trump demonstrators and Clinton’s ethics.
Eric Trump, the candidate’s son, soon tweeted a link to it — “Finally the truth comes out,” he commented — as did his father’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, who called the practice “deplorable.”
The problem? The story was undiluted fiction, the product not of ABC News, but of, whose suffix is usually associated with Colombia — and whose creator uses his own name as a character in his mock articles.

The item was part of a burgeoning phenomenon in U.S. politics: partly or mostly made-up “news” items casting one presidential candidate or the other in a negative light, and — thanks to the immense power of Facebook and other social media — seen by millions of Americans.
If cable-news channels such as Fox News and MSNBC revived an era of overtly partisan political coverage, producers of so-called fake news have taken the trend to a new and distorted level, largely dispensing with facts in their zeal to generate money-making clicks and/or promote one political side.
“It’s really disconcerting the scale that misinformation can achieve relatively quickly and with relatively little effort,” says Craig Silverman, Canadian chief of the Buzzfeed website. “It’s driving divisions between people … It has made it very difficult for the public square to have some reasonable debate.”


Unfortunately this is what happens when people live their life in the echo chamber and don’t critically evaluate their news, beliefs, and etc.


Bill Maher broadcast an interview he did with Oba,a last night. When they talked about the media one of the concerns that Obama expressed was that people have a hard time knowing what is true and what is not.


Well we do know one thing about Obama, he has lied to us time and time again as has been truthfully reported on the internet and by the main stream media.


Welcome to Fahrenheit 451.


:thumbsup: That book crossed my mind too.


Despite my dislike of Bill Maher, due to his subtle (often not subtle at all) attacks, mockery and insults against me and everyone else who are Christian. Obama makes some good points I believe.

**1. **People have a hard time knowing what is true and what is not.

I absolutely agree with him, most of the time, it is appeals to authority, this or that news source is untrustworthy, this or that is a more trustworthy source etc

It happens with those who disagree with Climate Change, again, no refutation other than appeals to authority and scientific consensus. And Obama makes the same appeal, 99% of ‘scientists’ (Which includes ?) all agree. Nobody gets anywhere with that kind of rhetoric.

Especially when certain people pushing it are making $$$$ (I also realize the reverse may be true too), there is reason to be untrustworthy, especially when several people have made climate predictions which have turned out totally bogus, there is reason to be untrustworthy. Especially when measures they are encouraging people to take seem extreme and unreasonable and others are saying we ‘can’t afford climate deniers’ which is trying to scare people into simply taking their word for it.

**2. **Prisons, Health Care, I agree with Obama here, If people get paid more by putting more people in jail, that is not a healthy system of doing justice. Same with Health Care. I don’t know how it will work if Trump gets elected, but I hope there are some kind of safety nets for people so that they all have access to health care. I’m sure there will be.

‘Health Care’ is also often a word to disguise abortion in their language, and trying to enforce religious people to pay for contraceptives, which is evident by Podesta’s attempt to start a revolution over such an issue. Again, all reason to not trust them.

**3. **Don’t agree with Marijuana recreational use at all.

**4. **Don’t agree with LGBTQIA supposed ‘rights’ that persecute Christians who hold true to the teaching on marriage and the family. It also defies logic, we are a two gendered species, male and female, the reproductive system is clearly designed for the coming together of the two, the two produce new life, and thus nature that life, family. It is not equal.

**5. **Abortion is dead wrong and we all should be united against that.

**6. **Satanism being given legitimacy. Ten Commandments (which the laws were founded on) being torn down and abhorred. nonsense of all views are equal and equally valid, which they are not. As evident with issues such as slavery, abortion etc.

**7. **Russia is simply power hungry, Russia is aggressing, when I look at the map, where Romania is, where Ukraine is, and now trying to get Finland to join NATO, so the US can park Missiles on Russia’s border, this is absolutely rubbish they are pushing, if the roles were reversed and it were Canada (Ukraine) or Mexico (Finland) were considering an allegiance with Russia so they could park Russian Missiles on your border, the outrage would be enormous and rightly so.

**8. **Clinton wants to go into Syria and take Rakka after Mosul as she said in the 2nd presidential debate, apparently she doesn’t realize she has to now go through Russia if she wants to get to Assad (Or maybe she does, hence the aggression toward Russia).

**9. **The way they have combated ISIS, other moves they have made internationally, has been largely nonsensical, which suggests corruption. Russia was voted off the UN human rights council yet Saudi Arabia remains, an absolute joke.

**10. **They have set up at least two fake Catholic Groups that we know of ‘Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good’ and ‘Catholics United’ specifically deigned to infiltrate and attack the Catholic Faithful, primarily to get democratic votes.

**11. **Clinton email scandal, nobody erases evidence (emails) unless they are damning.

**12. **The refusal to acknowledge and attempt to deal with, theological issues within Islam (Not by an ‘Arab Spring’ such as infiltrating and subverting what is otherwise accurate teaching which they have tried to do with Catholicism). Such as the death penalty for apostasy. etc.

13. I would vote for someone who recognizes that the west was founded and flourishes under Christian values.

Anyway, I could go on and on but I hope you get the gist of what I am saying, and why I would run to place a vote for Trump & Pence if I were a US citizen. Point 13. Is my most important. “The stone which the builders rejected has become the head of the corner.”

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

Thank you for reading


14. Supreme Court nominations, Trump - Pro-Life, Clinton ‘Roe vs Wade’ settled law, she will advance the practice. States have started passing Euthanasia practices, this will soon be before the Supreme Court, Clintons Appointees will have no objections and the Country will descend further and further in evil, corruption and injustice.


no, Obama is afraid they will learn the real truth and not what Obama and his minions want to spoon feed the public. why would anyone watch Bill Maher? talk about a hateful person!


One of the good things to come from Wikileaks is to shine the light on relationships between those in the media and those in politics.

The press seem to be more advocacy and less reporting. More choosing stories to run that benefit your candidate, and avoiding stories that might hurt your candidate.

Specific to fake news, some in the press are too lazy to vet internet rumors (Michael Brown / "hands up don’t shoot is a good example)


My expectation is that no one here would have interest in Bill Maher, but that the interest would be in the words of the person he had interviewed (Obama) on the topic of news and media.


Bill Maher is a joke


I might add, let alone getting a ‘private’ sever people don’t know about, unless one is trying to hide stuff. Deleting them after being caught is further proof.


Project Veritas is not fake news


The Trumpees have mastered the, “If you tell a lie long enough, it becomes the truth”, and now the Clintonites have caught on.

We get what we deserve!


If anything it would be the reverse. I don’t believe Trump and his campaign are liars, I think they can and probably have made mistakes along the way, most of it I believe is more accurate than not, I intend to pray for them, as Trump & Pence I believe are the USA’s only hope (And only through the grace of God).

Nevertheless, What in my points is a lie? Are you not deeply concerned by the points I have raised?

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

Thank you for reading


Please explain what you are talking about. We know Hillary constantly lies about her server and emails, she just lied about Huma being just a staffer. I can go on.


Speak for yourself.I and all the many faithful praying our hearts out that we are spared aHC presidency and all the ruinous policies she will force upon us,don’t deserve to endure four seconds of her much less four years.:frowning:


I’m praying for you and your Country too. I should probably be praying for my own Country, but I know what happens in the US will directly impact us, so in effect I probably am doing both.

Nevertheless, no matter the outcome on Nov 8th, it’s in God’s hands. ‘Jesus, I trust in you’

God Bless You

Thank you for reading


ALL the many faithful are praying for a Clinton loss? Really? LOL.


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