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I guess I will just ask questions, and see where this leads me…
Since this is a multi-forum I will Post it here.

Why do Muslims not except the bible?
Or is there a dependable forum i can ask this on.


You are welcome to ask this question here.
Muslims do believe with firm conviction that Moses and Jesus were given books/revelations ( as against what the Christian call the inspired ones) systematic guidance from GodAllahYHWH. The Christians as they could not take proper care about JesusYeshusaIssa and deserted him at Cross and ran away from the scene except a few, they laid the near dead Jesus in the tomb for treatment. So in fact he left them alongwith Mary from Galilee and for the rest of his life they both lived among the lost tribes of Israel till they both died their natural death in India. The revelation which JesusYeshuaIssa received was with him and his trusted disciples who were with him in his journey.
In Jerusalem and its surroundings the enemies of Jesus took charge and allured his left over followers to deviant teachings. So there was none with the revelations of JesusYeshuaIssa.
Muslims don’t need to search for those relics anymore as GodAllahYHWH himself revealed the true teachings of all the Prophets on Muhammad. So what is written in the OTBible and NTBible or Gita etc, if it is in accordance with the Quran that Muslims accept, what does not agree with Quran they don’t accept. But Muslims do respect Christian ,Jewish and Hindu etc scriptures and never disrespect them.
This is in short from the point of view of a peaceful Muslim; others could believe what they are convinced is truth according to them, no compulsion.
I thind I have answered your question in netshell.
I am an Ahmadi – a peaceful faith in Islam bridging gaps between faiths/denominations/religions/agnostics


I would suggest that you go to this forum in order for you to get much clearer answers to your questions about Islam.

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