The seal showdown begins as MPs vote to promote hunt's spoils at the Games

Globe & Mail:

The seal showdown begins as MPs vote to promote hunt’s spoils at the Games

Clubbing seals on ice floes is not a Winter Olympics sport, but Canadian parliamentaria ns have nonetheless voted to spit in the eye of their European counterparts by asking for seal products from the controversial annual hunt to be included on the uniforms of this country’s athletes at the 2010 Games here.

A motion to use the Games to promote seal products passed unanimously in the House of Commons yesterday, as MPs responded to this week’s lopsided vote by the European Parliament to ban the import of seal products.

In particular, the motion put forward by Bloc Québécois member Raynald Blais, who represents the Magdalen Islands where many residents participate in the hunt, calls for seal skin to be part of the official uniforms worn by Canada’s Olympians.

I’m impressed. I don’t think we could get Congress to vote for the national anthem unanimously.

You go, Canada! Tell the EU where they can stick it!

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