The Seat of Authority; Chronological Events

I would just like to ask how the Seat of Authority was transferred?
Peter was in Antioch and where was he after that?

Is there any chronological history which I can refer to?
a link will be alright…

Peter filled two offices while in Antioch. He filled his unique office as an Apostle, and he filled the office of overseer - bishop - of Antioch. When he left, he installed someone else as bishop of Antioch, but kept his Apostolic office, which he took with him to Rome. Upon his death, the Apostolic office of Peter was given to another, and from thence forward the bishop of Rome has succeeded him in that office.

Remember that the office of bishop was distinct from that of Apostle. There were only 12 - 13 counting St. Paul - Apostles. There were dozens of bishops. Bishoprics were offices instituted by the Apostles for the oversight of various geographical areas, but they were not direct, one-to-one succesors of the offices of the Apostles. For example, St. Paul created the bishopric of Ephesus and installed Timothy as bishop there, but Timothy was not a unique succesor of St. Paul. The bishop of Rome is a unique succesor to Peter, just as in India there is recognized the office that directly succeeds from St. Thomas the Apostle.

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Thank you.

When St. Peter was in Antioch as Bishop, who were the Bishops of Jerusalem, Rome, Constantinople and Alexandria respectively if there was any and if those patriarchal churches already existed…??

unfortunately, this sort of information has largely been lost to history. Fortunately, those in the early Church considered it important enough to keep a record of the succesors of Peter at Rome, so we know of them.

We do know that Evodius followed St. Peter, and that the famous Ignatius of Antioch followed Evodius.

In Jerusalem, James the Just was the first bishop of Jerusalem, followed by Simeon I.

Constantinople seems first to have been occupied by Andrew the Apostle, then by Stachys and the Onesimus.

I’m not sure if there is any record of the first bishops of Alexandria.

Also, note that these bishoprics were not known as Patriarchates until later than these men held them. It’s hard to say when the designation of these as Patriarchates came into being, but certainly within the first few hundred years of Christianity.

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