The Second Class Citizens of the Watchtower


Hi Guys:

I wrote this article about 10 or 11 years ago when I first left the JWs. I was far from being Catholic and was thoroughly Protestant as the Catholic Church was nowhere on my radar screen. I was in the process of choosing a Church home and was attending a Lutheran Church at the time I believe. In any case, this article focuses on the relationship between the 144,000 and the rest of the JWs known as “the other sheep”.

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Jeff S.


excellent article jeff! of course, all your articles are excellent!
its very thought provoking isn’t it?

i highly recommend this article for those who have questions
regarding the 144,000.

jeff, can you post an article here on the forums about the “new system” they refer to? i’d like to see some folks here talk about it and share their thoughts on it.

Merry Christmas to you and your lovely wife Jeff, and all your members at your site.

God bless you this holy season!


Gives a whole new dimension to the left behind scenario


Excellent article Jeff.

I cannot fathom how I could’ve believed that junk?!


neither can i fathom why i believed it :rolleyes:


My exMIL used to ask retorical questions such as, “I wonder if we’ll have swimming pools in the new system” and “I wonder if it will still rain in the new system”.
She never once said anything about Christ.
They do not think as we do.
The new system is all about cuddly lions, refreshing fruit and cleaning up the rubble from all the destroyed churches along with all their happy, joyous fellow jws.


Great article Jeff!! I found some of the answers to my questions… :smiley:


That is so true… I NEVER thought about Christ in the “new system.” When I’d be out in service with my “brothers & sisters” - knocking on doors in a really nice neighborhood, we’d talk about the new system and how we’d be able to pick any of those expensive houses for our own. (this is after the birds come and eat the rotting flesh from the former occupants who were destroyed at Armegeddon) Seriously, that’s how we thought. :frowning:


Ditto that… all I have heard and seen from the JWs ever sincemet my DH has been about the lions and the bears, etc, bulding their own homes, picking up after the mess from the destroyed churches… NOTHING about Jesus Christ.

Gosh, as a Catholic I should feel special since I hope to meet Jesus and hope to live in heaven. Most likely I’ll go to Purgatory, but it’s a step towards heaven. So, yeah, no Jesus in their lives. In mine there is…


So, another question came up as I re-read Jeff’s article…

How does the WBTS come up with these dates? How can it be that in 1935 God stopped choosing the ones w/heavenly hope?

Also, this is related to the article just because of dates… how does the WBTS know that 1914 was the set date for JC’s coming? I know they say that it’s because of the certain amount of weeks, and each week equals 7 years… I don’t get it…

How do they know each week equals a certain amount of years??? :confused:


Hi Yessian:

I do not have the quote handy but Rutherford claimed to get messages from angels and so lots of times in regard to the 1935 date you will The Watchtower articles will say things like 'God’s light flashed up and it was revealed that…"

As far as 1914 goes, the JWs got that date from the Second Adventists who were on off-shoot of the Millerite movement of the 1840’s. The Second Adventists and the JWs are sort of theological cousins to the Seventh Day Adventists who also come out of the Millerite movement.

If you want an EXTREMELY DETAILED history of the development of the 1914 doctrine and how the JWs are actually in a whole lot of trouble with it (as it has sort of put them in a theological box). You need to read Carl O. Jonsson’s book “The Gentile Times Reconsidered”. This book is the result of a letter that Carl (a former JW elder) wrote to the Watchtower Society when he realized that there was a fatal flaw in the JWs calculations leading to 1914. Of course, Carl was eventually disfellowshipped and shunned for pointing this out to the JW leadership so he decided to write this book. You can get a copy of this book at the following link:

Also, to understand the significance of this date and how it props up the religious authority of the JW leadership, you might want to read the following article:

In short, if the JWs’ 1914 date is wrong than any claim the Watchtower Leadership has to being “God’s official spokesperson” crashes like a house of cards. It was, in fact, this realization that got me to quit listening to the JW leadership.

Jeff S.

P.S. Here is another link that might help too:



So why dont they call Rutherford a prophet then? He came up with all this stuff. Have they? My mom claims no, but the way she says it sounds more like a “yes and dont ask me again”


Probably because some of his actions and behaviors were embarassing to those higher ups after he lost authority.

Rutherford was an interesting (to say the least) character.


Thanks for the articles Jeff, as always, very informative!

Damascus, I haven’t heard them call Rutherford a prophet, but they sure do give him the credit, even after all the mistakes he made.

Anywho, just remember, JWs are just FALSE PROPHETS…


It was a kind of hit. The world didn’t end, but something fundamental certainly changed in world history in 1914.
When I was a little boy and the Cold War was on I was assured that the world would end “when the generation that fought in the 1914-18 war ahd by no means passed away”. At last count I read that there were seven British soldiers still alive who had seen active service in WWI. So why aren’t the JWs in panic mode? Surely the time must be within the next fives years or so?
But no, the teaching seems to have been quietly dropped.


They dropped giving dates, but they still believe the people who were alive in 1914 will see the end… they all think they will live to see the end. They are waiting for it anxiously.


Because their minds are being filled with how great the Earthly paradise will be when you and I are destroyed by Jehovah and they can all play around with lions and elephants.


:rotfl: Can we play w/the sharks too??

Oh wait! We don’t get to because “we’ll be destroyed”.


They will probably be eating our remains along with the birds.

Gosh, that sounds so gruesome, doesn’t it?


ewwww :smiley:

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