The Second Coming in the OT


What is the evidence that supports the Second Coming in the OT prophesis? Are there any in the OT or is it strictly the NT?


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In order for you to answer your own question realize a “coming of the Lord” has a multi-fold purpose. Two of those reasons are as follows . . .

To help, aid, and rescue the greatly in-need remnant faithful in the Covenant.

And also to exercise “Covenant Judgment” upon those who openly reject the Covenant.

What Old Testament events did God exert Covenant Judgement upon His people on in a collective fashion?

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But was the Messiah supposed to have accomplished this in well one sitting and not come back later? That’s really my question.


According to most Jews, yes; according to Christians, apparently not. You might also want to explore the two-Messiah theory (Messiah ben Yosef and Messiah ben Dovid), first promulgated by the Essenes and discussed in the Kabbalah.


How could Jesus be considered Son of Joseph when he’s supposedly not genetically his?


Adoption back in those days held a greater standard in terms of kinship compared to today’s.


Ah. Ok. That makes sense.


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