The Secret and the Law of Attraction

I have a secular psychology professor who wants to learn more about them since she’s never heard of them. Can anyone direct me to some solid sources for her, preferably online?

I know Sharon Lee Giganti talks about it on her website New Age Deception. If you can’t find any, you could send her an email, or wait for her to appear on Catholic Answers Live again (next is 30 April).

The Law of Attraction is a principle of ceremonial magic, not a Christian principle. You’ll find explanations of it in books by witches and wizards for people desiring to practice it. And those may actually be the best sources for it: Christian critics don’t necessarily know whereof they speak on such matters…

Hmmmmmmmm… Methinks it unwise to go where Angels may fear to tread.


hmmmmmmm… Yes unwise it may be.

Yoda regards Nimzovik

I still don’t know what you mean by saying it’s unwise. I know it’s not a Christian principle. I want to send my professor to truthful sources.

Christian critics don’t necessarily know whereof they speak on such matters.

They don’t, because most don’t have a background in the occult. If you want to know all about the Law of Attraction, read books by practicing witches. Is it unwise to go there? I would say so. My point is The Secret is based on the occult, not on Christianity.


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