The secret catechism


As many Catholics have probably experienced, I was recently told by a protestant what Catholics really believe. This, of course, was different from my own understanding.

I had responded to his assertion with my own understanding from the Catechism of the Catholic Church and I forwarded him a link to it at

His response was that my Catechism was not the same one taught in seminaries and he assured me that he had spoken to several Catholic priests who verified this was a true fact.


I ended the discussion at that point as I had absolutely no rebuttal to this type of ignorance.


Too many episodes of X Files for this guy.

You need not reply, *nothing *will convince someone like this.


I would guess that he is referring to the Roman Catechism or the Catechism of the Council of Trent. This was the main Catholic Church Catechism prior to the Universal Catechism of the Catholic Church. (1993)


Even when the do accpet the Cathecism as the Teachings of the Church they often demand that we use their personal interpretation of the Cathecism when discussing it with them.

Having been in the Seminary, BTW, I can attest their is not a different cathechism.


I would tell this person that you will only discuss that which can be verified through written official church teaching (whether Catholic or Baptist). You will not debate that which cannot be substantiated in an authoritative way and you will absolutely not debate heresay which may or may not have been correctly understood.



I’m thinking that this person has read a lot of old-school protestant polemics against Catholicism. At the time those things were being written, the “Roman Catechism” (Catechism of Trent) was the primary Catechism in use.

It also bears pointing out that the “Catechism of the Catholic Church” cites and quotes from the “Roman Catechism” quite often.


Even if this were the Catechism this person speaks of, it’s not a **secret **catechism since it is available to anyone who wants it on numerous websites including the Vatican.


[SIGN1][size=][FONT=“Garamond”]***Jumpin’ Jack Rabbits!!!***[/SIGN1]

What demon comes up with this deception and insanity?!!

Tell him to prove it because he’s talking out his hat and won’t be able to. His source is probably some independent fundamentalist Baptist bunch who also believe Foxe’s Book of Martyrs and Trail of Blood are accurate, or else he’s SDA and believes all that lying trash put out by E.G. White like The Great Controversy.

Tell him that when he can give you copies of his sources that you can verify you’ll talk with him again. You won’t see him again for two reasons:

  1. The propaganda cannot be verified and even if he can find a source, you’ll soon see that they do not cite a verifiable source.

  2. It’s embarrassing to be caught out in a lie that you have been deceived into believing, especially with regard to one’s religion.[/FONT][/size]


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