The Secret of Kells - A really great movie!

I discovered this amazing movie just lately, The Secret of Kells, that my family recently watched together and loved.

It's an animated film about a little boy named Brendan who lives in an Irish monastery during the 9th century, when there was great risk of Viking raids. A master illuminator named Aidan comes, running from his own island of Iona which was destroyed by vikings, bringing with him a precious book that it is his life's goal to finish - the book of Iona. (Later to be the Book of Kells.) Since his eyes are failing, Aidan decides to train Brendan to finish the book, and that is where the rest of the movie sets off from.

The movie has the most AMAZING artwork in its animation that I have ever seen! It's heavily influenced by the art of Celtic manuscripts and illuminations, which of course is what the movie is all about. It is extremely creative and beautiful, and utterly original.

The movie is very Catholic, too - The character of Aidan is St. Aidan of Lindsfarne, the Irish missionary of Iona. And the Book of Kells of course is the famous beautiful illuminated manuscript of the four gospels which was created during that time. Throughout the whole movie, Aidan emphasizes the importance of the book, and how it will bring light into darkness. (Which of course is what the word "illumination" means! And it also connects with the message of Jesus being the light of the world.) And also about how it will bring the people hope during these dark times.

The movie does have some elements of Celtic mythology to it too, with a faerie named Aisling and a monster Crom Crauch. The movie is definitely worth seeing just for the artwork, at least, but it is also an excellent movie overall! Some parts with the vikings and the wolves are quite scary, so it might not be good for young children. But I VERY highly recommend this movie, especially to anyone who loves beautiful and imaginative illustrations.

Take a look at the trailer:

It just came in the mailbox today from Netflix! I hope it's good. Thanks for the review!

I saw it in theater (Had to go to an art-type movie theater downtown) and the artwork of it all just awed me. The story itself was fantastic as well; the scenes with Brendan and Aisling were some of my favorite moments. The ending definately hit me close; though I'll leave it at that since I'm terrible at explaining without spoiling.

I'm hoping to find it on DVD since I don't own a Blueray.

Thank you so much for this recommendation! I watched this with the kids last night and they were as entranced as I was. It's gorgeous! Thanks again!

Music was beautiful as well!

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