The Security Firm That Employed the Orlando Shooter Protects American Nuclear Facilities


This is disturbing in a sort of “I need to change my pants” way.


Indeed. Awe-inspiringly disturbing. :eek: Why don’t they just have the Army guarding these places, instead of these sketchy private security firms?


Especially ones that are wholly owned subsidiaries of foreign companies.


Don’t agree on having the army do it. But it would be appropriate for their to be some form of federal protection for such facilities rather than a private security firm that clearly doesn’t vet their employees very well.


After my retirement from the feds, I spent a decade in private security, just to make a little extra $$$ and build up my Social Security account. Private security guards typically make close to minimum wage, and it’s not easy to get qualified people who are willing to work for peanuts. Don’t get me wrong; many private security personnel are dedicated to doing their jobs, in spite of the low pay. However, I have also seen a lot of the same attitude held by workers in the old Soviet Union: “They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work.”

I am not familiar with this company, G4S Secure Solutions USA, Inc., but the details contained in the article do not fill me with confidence that they are adequately vetting their employees. I would agree with other posters, that there are some facilities that need to be guarded by some form of a federal security force, but then again, that is what the TSA was supposed to be, and look how that has turned out.

This is a dilemma for which I do not have a ready answer.


From the article:

Until a few years ago, G4S was responsible for security not only at nuclear power plants but also at critical nuclear-weapons sites. Guards employed by Wackenhut Services, Inc. (also known as G4S Government Solutions), defended both the Y-12 National Security Complex, in Tennessee, the nation’s largest storage facility for weapons-grade uranium, and the Savannah River Site, in South Carolina, the largest storage facility for weapons-grade plutonium. As I noted in an article for this magazine last year, on July, 28, 2012, three peace activists, including an eighty-two-year-old nun, broke into Y-12, cut through three perimeter fences, made their way undetected to the uranium-storage building, and spray-painted anti-nuclear slogans on its walls—a security breach of unprecedented severity. The three could have been terrorists instead of pacifists. Subsequent investigations found that video cameras at the complex had remained broken for weeks, alarms were routinely ignored, and G4S guards had been cheating on proficiency exams for years.

That explains a lot!


Its sad to see that the media can destroy the reputation of any good company. I know several people that work for this company protecting nuclear facilities and let me tell you they are highly trained and compentant security guards. Don’t believe everything the media is feeding you, because they only care about one thing…money!


Well, when the PA NG guarded the nuke plant near me after 9/11 they did it without being allowed to have any ammo. Until their wives went to the press. And then they were reprimanded for breaking security.

The people sent to do nuke security are usually very good and very heavily armed. Not everybody at a company is a superstar and you don’t use superstars to guard low risk stuff either.


Its somewhat funny, they utilize private security, which some say is not that great, at nuclear power plants, but then at places like Area 51, where the only dangerous things are experimental airplanes, they have probably the most notorious and feared security anywhere, and the security at Area 51, and some other bases like it, are almost the point of being ridiculous, its so extreme…Shows you what they really want to protect I guess!

Plus, I dont think anyone knows whether the security at A-51 is Govt, private or what, strange they would even announce the name of security company they use at a nuclear power plant though!!


Nothing to see here folks, let’s talk about gun control.


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