The seriousness of ivf


if i understand correctly the issue with ivf is that embryoes are at risk of being destroyed and the soul is destroyed with it. how did we know it had a soul?

please pray for me and wife and other couples trying to have a baby. eventhough sometimes i feel that prayer doesnot work. i need more faith and this is too hard for me.


:wave: Hello! Peace be with you!

All things have an essence, a nature, as well as defining characteristics, right? A dogs essence is “doginess”, a tables essence is “tableness” and its characteristics are its shape, dimensions, purpose etc. We call the essence of living things “nature”. The Church maintains the idea of human nature as being fixed and dynamic. When an egg is fertilized, what is its nature? It’s physical characteristics may be unrecognisable as human (although even that’s moot) but its nature MUST BE human. The physical manifestations will change but the nature- the essence of that embryo’s being will not. It is a human being from the first instance of fertilization. That human being is at its most vulnerable then, at its most dependant on your/ our understanding of its needs, of its right to life.

I will pray for you my brother. Remember prayer is often not about God performing some function we want or feel we need, but about our accepting the reality of our lives with grace. We all bear crosses, just as Christ Jesus did.

God bless you and keep you and the Holy Spirit be with you and comfort now and always,


Souls can not be destroyed.

But your understanding is still incorrect. While the death of innocent children is certainly a problem, it’s not the only problem. Even if IVF was a perfect 1 egg, 1 pregnancy thing it would still be morally unacceptable because it separates the sexual and procreative acts.

But, please don’t take my word for it. Pick up your copy of the Catechism and read the section about the 6th Commandment.

Prayers given freely.


No, this is not the underlying reason IVF is wrong. It is but one of many of the resulting consequences of IVF.

IVF is wrong because it separates the unitive and procreative elements of the sexual act. It is a sin against the Sixth Commandment.

Just as contraception is wrong because it denies the procreative element, IVF is wrong because it denies the unitive. All acts between husband and wife must be completed intercourse. IVF removes the procreative act from within the marital embrace.

The fact that human beings are treated as commodities, and yes often killed, is the inevitable fruit of a bad means to achieving the end of having a child.

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