The Sermon

Many years ago my wife and I attended church locally and one Sabbath the pastor had to be
out of town and so the assistant pastor gave the sermon. It was near Christmas time.

He began to talk about the Virgin Mary, and how many Protestants could not go as
far as our Catholic friends in adoring her. But then he said that in his opinion we need to
increase our high regard and love for her. She was so important to God, because
without her who would have been there to care properly for the young Christ?
She was the perfect one chosen one for the job, and was rightly called blessed in the scriptures. I can not recall all that he said, but it was all along those lines, and was like
nothing I ever heard in a Protestant sermon before. But never then or later did I hear
anyone there say a word against that sermon, and personally I agreed with it and still do.

Thank you. The sermon that inspired me most was one that was not afraid to tell of her true humanity, of her fallen nature, yet blessed and graced like no other. The more it is revealed she is more like "us’’, the more we are drawn and encouraged and feel one with her. To me Immaculateness puts a glass between us. Her “lowness” is what fills our hearts with awe and wonder and love of the grace of God. Anything lifted up in us is broken and we are free to adore in truth and spirit.

Your deep respect for Mary is admirable. However, you use the word “adoring”. This was obviously a slip as no Catholic “adores” Mary. Adoration is reserved rightly, for God.
But her obvious importance to her Son and her position within the Saints is rightly made.
God will bless those who call His mother blessed.

Hi Petaro. I was troubled enough by the word also . I looked it up and the love and respect part of the definition is what the poster seems to call for . The second definition is worship/veneration. So not sure that poster inferred worship , and we all agree worship and veneration can be separate.

Sorry, I wasn’t sure what word to use so I used “adoring”.
The point is that some of us, including me, should give her more
respect, that is how I see it.

I love both Catholics and Protestants, for praying for me when I
was close to death in 2002.


This is the thing about language. Words change meaning all the time as language evolves.

I’ve read Catholics here say they ‘worship Mary’ in that the original word worship has to do with giving one their ‘worth-ship’. Giving one their reverence based on their worth.

“We must make a further clarification regarding the use of the term “worship” in relation to the categories of adoration and veneration. Historically, schools of theology have used the term “worship” as a general term which included both adoration and veneration. They would distinguish between “worship of adoration” and “worship of veneration.” The word “worship” (in a similar way to how the liturgical term “cult” is traditionally used) was not synonymous with adoration, but could be used to introduce either adoration or veneration. Hence Catholic sources will sometimes use the term “worship” not to indicate adoration, but only the worship of veneration given to Mary and the saints.”

-Mark Miravalle “What is devotion to Mary”

Both the words worship and adoration have changed over the years. Worship now is considered by many as an act of love, praise, or that worth-ship that can only be given to God. Likewise the word ‘adore’ can often mean much less than even the word love. “I adore that baby’s cute adorable face.” Even the french word adore (often I adore or J’adore) can be said to one’s spouse as a way of saying you love them much. Whereas Je te aime can be said as simply liking someone.

So I wouldn’t get caught up too much in words.

The Evangelical Mary

Why evangelicals need mary

Yes, devotion. I was relating a sermon given long ago by the
assistant pastor of a Protestant church. It was like none I had ever
heard before.

Today although I still love that old church…I am more into
charismatic churches.

True in a strict sense. Of course words change meaning over time and can take on different meanings in everyday conversation. Worship was used in a wider sense in English, but in America that has faded away. Most Protestants would be more offended by the term worship being applied to Mary, but that is what the traditional theological term is in English. Casually people certainly say they adore other persons. By that they don’t mean giving honor due only to God to a creature.

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