The Servants of the Sacred Cross - open to older vocations!

Dear friends in Christ,
There have been a few threads of late discussing the lack of vocations for older women. While many of you are aware of our Community, The Servants of the Sacred Cross (SSC), perhaps some are not.
We do not place any restrictions on upper age limit. We are a dispersed Community of Extern Sisters (married and single) who live in our own homes, now in four countries. We wear a habit.

We also pray to be able to offer our Conventual expression of life, for single women, once again when God is pleased to allow us to do so. Unfortunately, lack of funds caused us to have to close our former convent over a year ago.

In addition, we have just instituted a new vocational expression within SSC in the form of Oblates which will be a good "fit" for women who may be called to a vocation that lies somewhere between being a Sister and an Associate. We continue to offer the Associate vocation and value very much those men and women who are drawn to us in that way.

We were founded on September 14, 2000 - The Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. We are ecumenical in a very limited sense - open to Traditional Anglicans, Catholics of all Rites and Eastern Orthodox. At the present time we are almost entiely Roman Catholic, with just four Sisters and two Associates of the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC). I am one of the TAC Sisters. However, our TAC members will very shortly be in full communion with the Holy See as we enter the Anglican Ordinariates now being established in our countries. When that is accomplished all of our members will be Catholic - for now, at least ! We count among our present Catholics a member of one of the Anglican Use Catholic parishes in the USA as well.

We are deeply committed to the Holy Father's vision of the New Evangelization. We pray for Unity of the Church Universal and we undertake a focused mandate of prayer for priests.
We are blessed by very firm support within the Catholic Church and are most greatful for the many letters of encouragement we have received from several prominent Catholic Archbishops. Catholics must profess loyalty to the Magisterium. We have not yet sought any form of "official" approval as we are still evolving! Canon Law allows us simply "to be" for now - or indefinitely!

Our latest newsletter (Advent 2011) has just been added to our web site. It may be found at:
Perhaps you will enjoy reading our latest news and browsing through our web site at:
Up-dates to our overall web site are planned within the next month. Do visit again to see more pictures and further information about our exciting new Oblate vocation. You will find information about Oblates in our newsletter as well.

Contact information is found within the web site and on the back page of the newsletter.
In Christ,
Mother Wendy
The Rev. Mother Wendy James, SSC
Superior General, The Servants of the Sacred Cross
"The Cross is my Anchor"

There is so many more monasteries and convents for women and for older women and disabilities , they out do the men big time! As being a guy i have been looking and doing research for myself where i want to go and being 47 and now diagnosed with diabetes type 2, i don’t no!, and being its gods will look out, here i come lol women monks and nun rule ,i give them the honor, the men need to learn from them, no doubt! There the ones that have more success in community and number of covenants and monastery s and candidates something there doing right, now as i see in most monasteries with men most are all grey heads and very few young candidates and lacking in numbers, i see so many more for women i seen sum for ones that have physical disabilities and older age i see god really working through the women in the church today its got to be a sign for the men and time to make sum changes now ,sister if you no any benediction monastery for men or any other congregation for older and disabled for men i would appreciate the info im here in the usa , thanks have a blessed daY to you :slight_smile:

Mother Wendy,

Thanks for your post. I came across your community in another thread and have recently been in touch with Sister Patricia.

I look forward to speaking with her more as I continue my discernment.

Have you had any concerns from people because you have Anglicans or because the community is so “new?”



I have liked the look of this order and the opportunity it presents for women who discern vocations later in life. It seems to have the support of the Catholic Bishop in Australia. I am wondering if they will be seeking to enter the Catholic ordinariate (for Anglicans) at some point soon since some of the traditional Anglicans they are associated are doing just that.

Even for older vocations where it may not be possible to enter a convent or monastery, there are options. For instance, third orders. There are also some Protestant orders that are open to various denominations. For instance, the Methodist Order of Saint Luke (though a Methodist order it is ecumenical in scope). The brothers and sisters in this order live in their own communities (homes) and continue with their normal work life. The order comes together in community in regions and nationally…etc and they have a habit, cyber chapter, pray the daily office and are focused on liturgical scholarship and the sacraments. Open to Catholics

There is the Order of Corpus Christi in the UCC. Think this one may not be open to Catholics.

These two Protestant orders have no upper age limit. I imagine you have to be 18 or so to join.

These all present options for people frustrated by later vocations and who may feel called to a deeper spiritual life and community without leaving their present jobs (to which God may have also called them).

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