"The shame of the catholic church" - A TV show aired in Ireland tonight.

accusing Cardinal Brady of not acting on child abuse cases in 1975. The story regarding Cardinal Brady and Brendan Smyth has been brought up many times by the media, over the past few years, and he has been asked to resign. Allegedly, parents of the abused victims were not informed of the abuse. - whilst this may be true, the CC is being hit with a continuous battering by the media.


*A VICTIM of serial child sex abuser Fr Brendan Smyth has claimed how information he gave to a Catholic Church inquiry team, which included current primate Cardinal Seán Brady, was not passed on to parents of some of the victims of the paedophile priest.

Brendan Boland from Co Louth, who was abused by Smyth as a 12-year-old, recounted how two of these victims, a boy from Belfast and a boy from Cavan, continued to be abused by the priest after the inquiry group, which comprised three priests, completed its work.

The allegations were made in a BBC This World documentary, The Shame of the Catholic Church, broadcast on BBC Northern Ireland last night.

The programme expands on information disclosed in 2010 about how the information compiled by the canonical inquiry in 1975, to which Mr Boland gave evidence, was not passed on to gardaí. That disclosure led to calls for Cardinal Brady to resign.

Last night’s programme contains new information that parents of the victims who were identified by Mr Boland to the 1975 inquiry were not informed about this abuse.

A spokesman for Cardinal Brady, speaking yesterday evening before the programme was broadcast, said that the then Fr Brady was acting as a notetaker for the inquiry and that his responsibility, as part of that team, was to complete a report for the late Bishop of Kilmore Francis McKiernan.*

I smell lawyers in search of a big cash settlement here! They got their clues from US attorneys! Lastly, since when has the Catholic Church gotten a fair shake in the UK ? I think the last time was before Henry VIII came to the throne.

Well… this IS Northern “Ireland” we’re talking about, this comes as no surprise to me. Everyone knows that North Ireland is “so much holier than thou art.”

Are you guys kidding?

Priests use their positions of authority and trust to damage children for life. But you want to take shots at Ireland and defend… what? The sick degenerates that abused the kids?

I guess it was a cheap shot for me to have said that about North Ireland ( you can guess which side of Ireland my ancestors are from). And you are right, the pedophile priests are NOT to be defended, however I do not appreciate how they are calling the Church as a whole “shameful”, you cannot blame the Church as a whole for its hypicrites. Thats like blaming everyone in America for the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or all Germans for the Holocaust.

I live 15 miles from a town either side of the border, but live in the south it is remarkable the difference in faith between those towns northern being far more involved with their faith, younger generations far more visible at mass and the government in the north does not spend it’s time trying to rid itself of catholism,
see Emanon Gilmore and the Vatican embassy, enda Kenny and the lies about the Vatican,
the ruari Quinn minister for education, telling agnostic parents to mobilise and take over the parents councils of catholic schools, the list goes on.
give me the northern assembly attitude to Catholics any day.

Amen. I also don’t think people get it that it’s also about the coverup.

In other words, this is not really news. Sooo tired of 40 year old abuses being replayed by the media. Oh well, I guess it’s Ireland’s turn now.

Wait just a second - you mean now-Cardinal Brady has been asked to resign, simply because he was a *note-taker *during the 1975 inquiry and didn’t call the police? Oh puh-leeez.

Your post is an insult to every child who was abused here in ireland and also demonstrates why this goes on now.

Brady was a priest taking part in a cover up of abuse; forcing a secrecy clause on a young person. That is to countenance and actively support abuse to protect the Church. Transfer that to criminal law, please.

This week, a Lay Child Protection Officer in a parish in Dublin quite when it was found that one of the priests still serving was one who was indicted in the Dublin report.

They have not learned still.

Many here truly believe that Brady should go and his failure to do so weakens the Church here.

Sick indeed. Thank you for reminding of the real issues here.

maybe before you castigate the people involved you should find out what happened.
archbishop Diarmud was interviewed about the incident on sunday go and listen to the interview on rte playback. then decide.

whilst this may be true, the CC is being hit with a continuous battering by the media.

Which is deserved, frankly… The media are right

so tell me why you think ordinary catholics deserve this because as i have explained to you before cc is not priests and bishops and pope its all of us.

Well Hopemercy I have had enough of both media slander and bleeding hearts flung in my face over this issue. We here in the United States have been patiently letting people rub our faces in this issue for over a decade and now it’s time to move on.

How dare you attack me for calling the media’s bluff.

How dare you.

If you’re going to play the criminal law card, then tell Boland’s parents that their refusal to go to the police themselves is an insult to every child who was abused there in Ireland and also demonstrates why this goes on now.

How dare you.

If very little is done by the Church to root out this evil and if “abusive priests” are on the rise, then the whole Church is bound to be blamed.


short quote from the article:
The inquiry was ordered last year by Justice Minister Alan Shatter after this newspaper revealed that Donegal man Michael Ferry was given his job back as a caretaker at an Irish language school despite a previous conviction for child sex abuse.

This is happening in organizations and communities all over the world. Yet you still send your child to school.

Compare media coverage of child abuse by a priest vs a teacher. There is a glaring difference. Why? Sensationalism sells. And right now the Catholic Church is that raw nerve.

It won’t matter how much the Church pays in compensation, how many safety programs it develops, or the amount of charity it performs, abusers will still slip through cracks and people will never forgive. Don’t let anger cloud your reasoning.

The issue is not the Church or the schools but select people within them.

I think that this is one of those things where everyone is guilty to, some degree, of something. The priests are guilty of being pedophiles. The Church clergy are guilty of covering it up. The media is guilty of pouring salt in an already open wound. And we ourselves (including me) are guilty of fuelling the fire on this forum.

Well it’s gone national (UK), it’s being broadcast on the BBC news all over Great Britain and has been given a 5 minute slot. Whilst, the situation was handled dreadfully , this is about the 4th time this particular child abuse episode has been brought up and been in th media over the past 2-3 years and C Brady hs been asked to resign over it. I believe Cardinal O’Brady may be the only surviving member of the CC involved in the cases in '75and that the others present have since died. Whilst I do not in any way condone the handling of the situation by the CC, any child that identified an adult in any organisation of child abuse, in the '70’s, E.G. school, boy scouts whatever, would not have been believed and it would have been hushed up. Child abuse was unheard of in the media in those days.


Response by the Vatican and Alan Shatter takes another crack at the ‘withholding of information bill’ - which as pointed out in another thread regarding priests having to disclose confessed sins, would mean he would have to impose such a law on defense lawyers too. Hence, Shatter would then be instrumental in changing the entire ‘justice’ system or, as it would become, non-justice’ system.

*The Vatican’s senior sex crimes prosecutor has today defended Cardinal Sean Brady’s handling of allegations of clerical sex abuse.
*Monsignor Charles Scicluna said the current primate had no case to answer over renewed allegations of mishandling information given to him in 1975 about serial sex abuser Fr Brendan Smyth.

The allegations were made in a BBC This World documentary, The Shame of the Catholic Church, broadcast on BBC Northern Ireland last night.

Speaking on RTÉ Morning Ireland earlier today, Minister for Justice Alan Shatter described the cases detailed in last night’s programme were “tragic and disturbing incidents.”

He said the programme highlighted the need for reforms such as those currently being introduced by the Government such as the Withholding of Information Bill, which was published last week.*

Thank you for this. I was pondering this earlier and remembered what the catechism says, that sin in one part of the church is sin in all.

It must be hard for those not in ireland to understand the sheer intensity of the Catholic Church here. The parishes and dioceses are tiny and of course everyone knows what was going on next door. The faith is life here in many ways. There may be a very few old and isolated priests who genuinely had no idea, but even that is doubtful.

The church in a very real sense created Ireland after the famine. As Rome planned and intended.

Not sure what point you are making.

NB the church ran almost all the schools etc in that era.


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