"The Shoes Of The Fisherman"

Has anybody ever seen this film( and the book it was based on), which came out in 1968( five years after the book of the same name was published by the late Australian author, Morris West, which prophetically notes the rise to the Papacy of a Slavic prelate from behind the Iron Curtain(NB even their names are similar, Kiril Lakota and Karol Wojtyla). If not, you’ve missed a treat!

Oddly enough I have a quote from that movie in my signiture :thumbsup:

I’ve seen the movie and West originally wrote it based on the life of the UGCC Patriarch and Confessor, Joseph Cardinal Slipyj who spent 18 years in Siberia.

The movie, however, keeps referring to the “Russian” prelate who became pope. “Ukrainian” was changed to “Russian” for the movie for reasons unknown to me - but Slipyj was definitely not Russian and it made little sense to have said that.


I read both the book and saw the movie, but don’t remember much about the movie. I do know that the book was much better though. Now I’ll have to see if its available on my KIndle!


Also note that Fr Telemond was based on Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

For some reason, many films about religion, faith, etc. are less than stellar; however, I do remember seeing the movie quite a few years ago and thought it was quite good. It certainly did mirror the future of the papacy.

BTW, I always get a kick out of Anthony Quinn. I think he must have played every imaginable ethnic group around including, of course, his own (Mexican). Greek, Mexican, Italian, Russian, Phillipino etc. etc. etc.:popcorn:

I own this movie and is diffenetly in my top 5 movies ever made list. A masterpiece of Cinema and very inspiring.

That’s two movie priests that were based on him. Max Von Sydow’s character in “The Exorcist” was also based on him, according to William Peter Blatty.

Yes! Wasn’t Anthony Quinn in that, portraying the Holy Father? Wonderful film!:angel1:

At the end of the film the Vatican sells all of its properties and goes into poverty to pay for food for the Chinese in order to avoid WWIII between China and the USSR. What do you think of this ending?

That’s right! I’d forgotten about that.

Personally I’d rather belong to a church fiscally bankrupt than spiritually so!


Whilst I acknowledge that the character of the fictional Kiril Lakota was based on the Ukrainian Cardinal Joseph Slipyi, the name “Lakota” is itself a curious one- could it have anything to do with Blessed Gregory Lakota, another Ukrainian clergyman?


I think in some of the other books I’m reading, mainly “The Stigmatist” which is about the Pope and intrigue in the Vatican, there’s also talk about “lending” the Vatican art and some things because there’s rumors of the Vatican being plundered (this time though I think from Moslems though I haven’t got that far into the book).

And I think the Vatican is getting fiscally bankrupt due to hackers and their bank is not in good shape eiither.

Is that not a false dilemma though?

Yes – which at the time gave rise to the quip: “Zorba the Pope.”

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