The Shroud of Turin: What's Your Opinion?


What do you believe about the Shroud of Turin? Scientific tests do not seem to agree with tradition on the topic. But I’ve yet to draw a conclusion.


If it’s real - AWESOME!

If it’s fake - I know the Church would not willingly deceive me,
(EDIT- not an accurate statement, see post 12 for more)
and take its preservation and veneration as an honest mistake.

It’s still an amazing image, either way.


I did my high school term paper on the Shroud of Turin (got an “A” by the way). I don’t need it to be anything for my Faith and belief in Jesus and His Resurrection but in my humble honest UNexpert opinion I truly believe it IS the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. There are too many factors that can NOT be explained to say it isn’t. Also the early carbon dating tests were flawed because of the area they took the samples from and also HOW MANY hands have handled the Shroud and HOW MANY places it has been. NO heat source or other source has been able to be pointed out as capable of making the image on the cloth. I can’t remember the scientific amount of energy generated but it was an UNbelievable amount that would have had to have happened to make that image—maybe like a Resurrection?


I feel the same way. I think I would still like the shroud even if it was proven not to be real. But it would be nice to know. Thank you.


If it’s real it’s both an incredible icon and a piece of evidence for the Lords Passion and a first class relic.

If it’s “fake” then it’s simply just another holy icon - no different from any other holy icon which we venerate.


I always come back to the idea that scientific tests may not really apply to miraculous events because the very miracle itself changes the item in ways beyond the laws of physics as we know them.


The story of the shroud has gotten more and more interesting as the technology that has been developed in the last 100 years has tested the shroud’s authenticity.

I remember the 1988 testing, and the ensuing head scratching. That test has since been determined to be flawed. In addition, the flawed testing spurred on newer more technologically advanced tests that took greater precautions with the methodology.

The more testing the shroud undergoes, the more difficult it would seemingly be to prove that it is a fake.


It truly is a fascinating topic.


We’d be smart to take our lead from the Church on this question.

Simply treat the Shroud as a holy icon - nothing more, nothing less.


I basically agree with Maximilian.

Also, I think there is a reason why Jesus walked the earth, and things like the Shroud arose, back in times that didn’t have the greatest historical record or a bunch of newsmen videotaping everything and subjecting it to scientific tests. God didn’t want to make things too easy. He wanted to see who would believe in the absence of proof.


The Church does not say it is genuine. It does not take a position. The Shroud is not part of the Deposit of Faith or any Church teachings. Catholics may believe it is real or not.
I believe it to be a medieval piece of art only.
Before all the fanatical believers jump in with all the so-called evidence in the cosmos that they post in every thread about the Shroud it has NOT been proven to even be 2000 years old never mind being the actual burial cloth of Christ.
This will be my one and only post because the thread will undoubtedly become heated over something that is not required for our faith or salvation.


I never knew that. Thank you for enlightening me- I will edit my post as such


It is the real deal.

Look what they found

The Shroud of Turin: Detailed Analysis


I totally agree! The burst of light when He rose through the fabric.


I imagine it as somewhat of a Kodak Moment.


I view the Shroud of Turin in much the same way as the Tilma of Guadalupe. Way too many unanswered questions that continues to baffle many scientists. I’m a firm believer in the authenticity of both of these awesome relics.


I think that’s wonderful.


Carbon dating only shows that it was from the Middle Ages.


It’s not faith to believe in made-up stories. Unless there’s truly good evidence, and not just speculation, it’s just a piece of marked cloth.

Believing every mysterious story you hear just because you believe in God and God’s capacity to work miracles is dangerous. You could end up being led astray by every quack and snake-oil salesman that comes along.

Better to believe in God and in the known works and words of God than in questionable or possibly superstitious claims, I think.


I did some personal research on it and believe it is probably real. If it was not than that would not effect my faith.

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