The Siege of Jerusalem - Dr. Brant Pitre

Very timely video here by Dr. Pitre.

The Siege of Jerusalem

Published on Nov 11, 2019
In Luke 21 Jesus makes an oracle about the destruction of the temple and how the siege of Jerusalem is going to happen (as had happened before in the history of Jerusalem).

Jesus gives his disciples a warning that they will be persecuted during this siege of Jerusalem and to expect that to happen.

As Jesus predicted, it was the Romans who sieged Jerusalem in under a generation around 70 AD, razed the temple to the ground and, as Josephus tells us, massacred millions of those residing there during the destruction of the city.

Dr. Pitre discusses this historical reality as well as what it would have meant for a 1st century Jew when the temple was destroyed in this video.


Many here like apologetics. And we know that a person wants to make their strongest argument. He is not going to neglect using it. You cannot read the Gospels or many of the other books of the New Testament without recognizing the strong conflict between the Jewish leaders of the day and the Christian Church.

The strongest argument that these pharisees were wrong in the eyes of God is the destruction of the temple. If any of these New Testament books that speak of this conflict had been written After the fall of Jerusalem They would have not only mentioned the destruction of Jerusalem but they would have explicitly pointed out the argument that God the Father was confirming that Jesus’ Gospel was true and that the pharisees that rejected him were wrong. Yet none of these New Testament books Make this explicit argument. Therefore they must have been written before 70AD.

Novel arguments like markan priority that when closely examined require a late date for the writing of the Gospels, Being written after 70AD, Are also wrong

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Dr. Scott Hahn maintains Jerusalem is the whore of Babylon mentioned in the book of Revelation.


Old Hat argument intended to undermine Jesus’ Prophecy.

So easy to say… So impossible to verify

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I agree with Scott Hahn. The whore of Babylon was drunk with the blood of saints and prophets. So Jerusalem fits perfectly this description.


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