The sign of Peace -- any news as to its timing?

A year or more ago there was a thread about the sign of peace and its place (as in timing) in the Mass. Apparently the Vatican is considering the possibility of moving it to a more appropriate time.
I've never been comfortable with exchanging the peace with those around me rather than paying attention to God on the alter.
Has anyone heard any further news on this?

I haven't heard anything about it. If I recall correctly, the placement of the sign of peace is the same now as it was in the old Tridentine (now Extraordinary Form) Mass. But it has come to be used now sort of as a cue for social embraces than as a rite of peace.

I haven't seen anything on it.

As I recall, the possibility of moving the Rite of Peace was rejected when the new edition of the Roman Missal was being prepared.

I know that what the OP mentioned was talked about on these boards in recent months but I doubt very much that they would change something like that so soon after issuing a new edition of the Missal.

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