The significance of the pallium?


Can someone please explain to me the significance of the pallium? I tried to Google it but got a lot of different answers. Thank you. :slight_smile:


The pallium is used by the Pope and Archbishops.


Maybe this will help.Catholic Encyclopedia: Pallium
And here’s a photo of my archbishop wearing his. :cool:


Thank you. I found this quote in the link above:

“An archbishop, therefore, who has not received the pallium may not exercise any of his functions as metropolitan, nor any metropolitan prerogatives whatever; he is even forbidden to perform any episcopal act until invested with the pallium.”

Is this a new rule? I have been doing research on early Catholics in Oregon and the third archbishop of the Oregon territory had a ceremony where a cardinal gave him a pallium but the book never mentioned anything about the pallium being given to the first two archbishops.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I honestly could not tell you with any great authority, but the same article also says:

The use of the pallium among metropolitans did not become general until the ninth century, when the obligation was laid upon all metropolitans of forwarding a petition for the pallium accompanied by a solemn profession of faith, all consecrations being forbidden them before the reception of the pallium.

I would thus think it’s safe to assume that this restriction has been in place in some form since the ninth century.

Given the above I see no reason to believe they weren’t (unless your book specifically says it didn’t happen). But that’s just my opinion. :whistle:

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