The silliest but disturbing anti-catholic comment

I was looking through some clips of Chucky out of sheer bordem and I found a comment that said the pope, presidents, actors, and the catholic church are reptilian shapeshifters and its supported by psalms 91 or 71 I can’t remember?

Seriously? Shape shifting Lizard people?

Google David Icke.


Basically that’s a part of a really whack job conspiracy theory that all the famous important people in the world are reptilian aliens, strange. :whacky:

though not particularly anti-Catholic, just anti-reality :smiley:


I’ve heard of US Presidents George Bush Sr. being called shape-shifting lizard
people, but first time I think I’ve heard it applied to the Pope ( I think anyway ).

The idea is supported I believe by seeing people on screen (TV or otherwise) and
how their eyes look reptilian, and the claimers insist that it isn’t a weird distortion.

I believe also this is connected to the Alien/UFO conspiracists, Ancient
Astronaut Theorists, and now it seems like anti-Catholics are getting so
desperate that they actually NEED the Pope to be some lizard-dude.

Seriously, can anybody look at this and say with logic
and intelligence that this is a reptilian president ? ? ? :
Have to admit though, it raises questions…:smiley:

[RIGHT](Not really much difference be-
tween a Alien/UFO conspiracists
and an Ancient Astronaut Theorists,
just saying)

Let me add this too:Even if there is organic extraterrestrial intelligent life beyond this planet, it
CAN’T be “reptilian” ! If we actually take the time to consider the anatomy
of any reptile (snakes, crocodiles, lizards, turtles, etc, the body/brain size
ratio is all wrong! Combine that with the fact that reptiles are cold blooded,
such features of a reptile are utterly IMPOSSIBLE to harbor intelligent life.

We humans are hominids, branch of primate. Pick any species of primate
and I can guarantee you that it is more capable of becoming an a sentient
species like us humans than any reptilian kind.

No matter how much one twists the facts, a sentient lizard person, even if
“Alien/Human Hybrid”, can never happen. :slight_smile:


Who (or what) is a “Chucky”?

Chucky cheese??? :confused:


I think it’s Chucky the movie

I’ve heard the insane conspiracy theory of lizard people before. It always leaves me dumbfounded to think people believe something like that.

**Ahhhhh, this explains a lot…

I was baptized a Catholic when I was a baby, now I know why I’ve always moved better when I was warm, and why I’ve always liked to sit on the rocks at the ocean. I also now understand why I liked the two TV series “V” ( a show about alien reptiles wearing human masks to take over the earth ) , and why I always ask for flies in my soup.

Oooops, gotta take my forked tongue and go, I see a bug crawling on the wall…**

That is very ridiculous. Wondering why I’m not a shape shifting lizard. :confused:

Can you prove to us that you aren’t? :smiley:

:rotfl: I will try to shape shift…

They’re on to us…I knew our secret wouldn’t last long!

I HAVE heard it all now.
Shape shifting lizard people?

Just remember: the shape-shifting lizard people are the good aliens. The Greys are the bad ones.

LOL~ I’ll remember that;
I’m also from Iowa:)

LOL, reminds me of the old woman sitting by the fire and saw a demon in her cats eyes. All the people got in quite a tizzy about it and started killing all cats, then they had the plague because of all the millions of rats the cats had been killing that had fleas that carried the disease.

Funny how humans can think up ridiculous things and get in tizzies about them. The way light reflects off our eyes for instance. Just crazy.

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