The Silver Lining - Cool Firsts in the 2016 Election


The 2016 elections yielded some inspiring “firsts”, which show our country as a land of opportunity.

Aside from the obvious First Nonpolitician Billionaire Elected as President, Donald Trump, there are others:

First Woman Presidential Candidate from a Major Party - Hillary Clinton
First Jewish Presidential Candidate from a Major Party - Bernie Sanders
First Latina Elected to the U.S. Senate - Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada
First Jewish Man Elected as Missouri Governor - Eric Greitens

Any other inspiring firsts? Keep adding to the list! :thumbsup:


What an awesome idea for starting a thread…thank you.


First time the democrats stage a major protest, start crying and carrying on about them not getting their way.

Oh wait nevermind, that’s not a first…


I don’t think you’re understanding the spirit of this thread :rolleyes:


First non American born first lady. I think?


Just trying to be funny, sorry for ruining your thread…


First black senator to represent California.


First Indian-American elected to the US Senate (and also California’s first Black Senator) - Kamala Harris
First Somali-America elected to US House - Ilhan Omar (Minnesota)
First LBGT elected Governor - Kate Brown (Oregon)
First disabled woman elected to US Senate - Tammy Duckworth (Illinois)


But that was really funny :rotfl:

Though I’m also a Marine so perhaps that explains why :shrug:

Happy Birthday Marines Semper Fi :thumbsup:


Most of the people named so far hold very anti-Catholic views, and we should think it’s cool just because they’re the first from a particular ethnic or religious group ?


First time a female was defeated in a presidential race…:smiley:


Right. They got their way. Trump’s in office. Give the ad hominems a rest. :thumbsup:



Sarah Palin was first. :wink:


Wow. Really. Give the ad hominems a rest, k? :rolleyes:


I could be wrong, but I believe Trump is the first president who never served in political service or the military.


When did she run for president?


Palin wasn’t running for President.


Vice President, thought that counted as being part of presidential race? :confused:


He’s definitely the first who didn’t do one or the other before being elected president.


Nope… VP is not the same as Pres.candidate… but in the spirit of compromise…sure why not…:slight_smile:

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