The Silver Lining of Donald Trump's Refugee Ban

But despite all this, I must give credit where due and thank President Trump because inadvertently, he has chosen to lead the way and become what Muslims call a “Daee ilallah,” or a “Caller unto Allah.” Ever since word of his proposed Muslim ban spread, I’ve received thousands—yes thousands—of emails, messages, and tweets from Americans asking how they can support Americans who are Muslim. It’s no accident that we’re approaching 10,000 Americans who have signed up as a #MuslimAlly as part of the True Islam education campaign I helped launch last year. See, we launched this campaign with the goal of combatting extremism and Islamophobia with the true Jihad of the pen, i.e. education, dialogue, and compassion. We compliment this education campaign with a follow up effort called “Coffee, Cake, & True Islam,” where we schedule hundreds of meetups nationwide between Muslims and Muslim allies. These meetups break the walls of ignorance and replace them with bridges of understanding.

I thank Donald Trump because every time he or one of his surrogates makes an anti-Islam statement, we receive a surge of requests from our fellow Americans to visit a mosque, read the Qur’an, and learn about Islam. Every time Mr. Trump tweets something that demonizes Muslims to his 20 million plus followers, we reap the benefits of free advertising and publicity.

Do we get hate mail and death threats — yes. But far more than the hate—an overwhelming level more — we get love from our fellow Americans of all faiths and backgrounds. And yes, many of the emails we get are from people who voted for Mr. Trump — they’re just as horrified by the rhetoric as those who voted for Secretary Clinton. The proposed ban on Muslims is not a political game. The overwhelming majority of Americans despise such hate because they realize what I’ve spelled out above. A Muslim ban is not necessary, it does not make us safer, and it is not just. But if Mr. Trump wants to continue working as the leading Caller unto Allah in all of America, then I thank him.

Those who support this atrocity should read this closely.

If the moderate Muslims can more openly and publicly condemn extremists who advocate violence, and lead the way in finding and deporting them, it would be a win-win situation.

Yes, let’s please learn the history of Muhammed and the devastation he caused.

Open that pandora’s box so that the public can decide for ourselves.


Yes, absolutely, let’s open that Pandora’s Box and let’s learn all about Mohammad and Islam. I, too, think the public should decide for themselves.

When did this little group of mutual understanding and sharing begin? In 2011?

You know, right after President Obama initiated his own ban against Muslims after a radical jihad group of “peaceful vetted refugees” (sleeper cell/ training) was found in Kentucky?

I seemed to have missed the protest and outrage when President Obama did the same thing (i.e., a Muslim refugee ban) that President Trump is now doing!

Oh my, the hypocrisy. I love the smell of hypocrisy on a Sunday afternoon.

(And by the way, it isn’t a “refugee ban” or a “Muslim ban” – this involves seven countries that were designated by Obama’s not Trump’s Department of Homeland Security.)

It’s like the American government can’t help itself. It’s got an undiagnosed mental illness.

It repeatedly stirs up trouble in the middle east which leads to the creation of groups like ISIS then it wonders why people are seeking refuge in the US after fleeing their countries which have been turned into war zones?

You created this mess, you should be responsible for the refugees you created.

Australia was an original member of the League of Nations which ratified the Sikes-Picot plan in 1922. There were about 40 members in 1922.

The Sikes-Picot borders are what ISIL wants to obliterate. They also dislike western culture; that actually includes Australia.

Yes but do you realise that US created ISIL with it’s actions in the mIddle east and also funds ISIL. It’s the US and it’s allies who are buying the oil from ISIL. Putin has the money trail and evidence but nobody wants to listen to him because its Putin** (see link below).**

It’s not Russia with military bases all over the world and causing havoc in the middle east. It’s the US and it’s allies, Australia included.

Much like how the POTUS could be focusing on the country whose nationals actually have brought terrorist activity to U.S. soil, right? Of course, I get it: it’s Obama’s fault, even though Trump’s the POTUS.


the hysteria people are in over this is astounding.

do i think mr. trump handled this in the most competent way? no. do i think it was not the smartest move politically? yes

but for goodness sake, it’s not the apocalypse. persecuted christians have been dealt a bad hand in all of this and terrorism due to radical islam does exist. i don’t think the president’s intention of increased security and the country’s safety is wrong, even though this execution was poorly handled

Even if we credit the President with entirely positive intentions and goals, those don’t justify bad means. At the very least, we should be demanding that the issues with this policy change be fixed, not defending it.

It’s true that temporary bans on accepting refugees from certain countries have been enacted before, though they seem to have been in direct response to specific incidents involving those countries (the Iranian Hostage Crisis in Carter’s case and the discovery of an Iraqi sleeper cell in Obama’s). Everything I’ve seen about this new change indicates that the countries included have been involved in zero attacks against us, while several of the countries exempted have been connected to more attacks, including 9/11 itself. There’s also the fact that the implementation has targeted people who already had specific permission to come here.

No Trump handled this masterfully. He used the countries Obama designated and simply expanded a policy Obama had used. He is yet again revealing how dishonest the media is and how hypocritical the left is.

I do think Trump needs to slow down and thoughtfully examine these orders. I am sure these issues have been gone over with his people, but Soros is still sore as are many liberals and they are looking for anything to protest over and scream about. there is way too much hysteria which the media is really good at hyping.
This is all going to get old really fast.

how true, how true!

Not true at all. If he campaigned to “drain the swamp,” then turns around and utilizes Obama’s same policies, so he can blame Obama for the glaring omission of Saudi Arabia, I don’t think that’s true at all. Can someone please remind me where the shooters in San Bernardino and Orlando came from?

I am sorry. I was referring to the dishonest media and the hypocrisy of the left he referred to at the end of his post.

Having done a lot of mission work in Africa, my ‘silver lining’ is that*this might open more opportunities for African refugees.

The Syrian conflict has gotten a lot of news, as have the refugees. The EU for example,has assigned ‘quotas’ for Syrian refugeeadoption to each of it’s member states. But only France has a program for refugees from the ongoing*civil war in the DR Congo.

Trump has put in a limit of 50,000 refugees into the US, which seems about the same has was done in*2016.

So my hope is that refugees from other conflicts, such asin the DR Congo, or those Nigerians fleeing from the Boko Haram, have an opportunity to leverage those visas and resettle in the US. Thosepeople have had nowhere near the media attention that the Syrian conflict has had, and their situation is no less dire. Perhaps more so, as the Syrians still have the EU programs to rely on.

Pope Francis says that we should accept refugees who would die otherwise. I think of it how FDR denied jewish refugees for no reason, and sent them back to europe for death. We do not want to be remembered as not allowing refugees when we could have saved them otherwise. I pray to God that the refugees are saved, and peace is brought to the region. I hope he opens up our leaders eyes so we can save innocent life. You see I am pro life, but i also care about muslims and jews, in addition to innocent babies in the womb.



Doesn’t your second statement contradict your first? That is, moderate Muslims also believe in Mohammad as their foremost prophet, if I’m not mistaken, as do the extremists. So associating Mohammad with subsequent devastation is equally an attack on moderate Muslims and all of Islam, is it not? Also, what Pandora’s box are you talking about?

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