The Silver Lining of Donald Trump's Refugee Ban


Your concern is well-founded. I couldn’t help but notice the travel ban protest signs at Chicago’s O’Hare airport held by several young Orthodox Jews, which read “Never Again.” These Jews support the immigration of Muslims to the U.S. Indeed, all Jews should, not only as a Torah commandment to welcome, feed, and shelter the stranger, but in light of Jewish history, as you point out. Catholics too, as champions of pro-life as well as followers of the Gospel message, should think twice before they advocate an exclusionary policy which, whether intentionally or unintentionally, bars the stranger in need from their land.



Why would I care about a false religion.

The saints called Islam the forerunner of the antichrist.

I’m not aligning myself with false religions.



Do you not care about the people of this religion? Caring about their welfare does not align you with the religion of Islam itself. It does align you with the tenets of your religion.



So any injustice that happens to anyone who is not Christian is not worthy of your attention or help?



"The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’



No I am not saying don’t help them.

I am saying I am not going to call myself a Muslim ally because that implies supporting the religion which I don’t.

As far as the bans I have to agree we can’t help good people if we bring bad people into the country.

Why is it America always get’s the bad wrap?

No one complains about Australia or Canada and they have stricter immigration laws than the US.

Different issue altogether but I am saying it’s not fair to put all the worlds problems on America.

We can help by sending soldiers over to kill Isis and figure a way out to properly sort the good from the bad and provided supplies and protection in their own country.

You can’t save everyone there are a lot of other countries we don’t aid with just as bad atrocities.

That’s not the answer people like but that is the world we live in.

I’m not saying don’t help I am saying don’t be emotional be smart about helping and figure out a way to do it safely.



What a shame. How many terrorist attacks have came people whos orgins are from the 7 countries that are banned? 0. Saudi arabia has by far the most people who murdered our own civilians. And the holocaust, refusing to accept the jewish refugees when they were already here was good also, correct? Since their may have been some nazis infiltrated on the ships? Jesus did not ban the least of his people because they were percieved to be in a group with bad people. Would jesus turn away the refugees? or would he protect them and heal them from impending death. You’re an intelligent man i presume and I assume you will make the correct decision, I know deep down you believe we should help innocent lives who nevertheless would be killed. Our faith is not supposed to be a “easy road”, We have to make hard decisions, and helping refugees is one of them.



So basically you’re arguement is that “other countries are worse then us when it comes to accepting refugees, so its ok to refuse refugees.”



For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ (Matthew 25:25-36)




All posts are to be charitable
Please do not denigrate other religions



What about the starving kids in Africa?

How come were not shipping all the people dying from famine?

What about people in countries like China were Christians are persecuted by their government?

Why is it everyone hyper focuses on the Jewish Holocaust what about all the other Christian holocaust nobody talks about?

The world has too many problems for one country to help everyone.

The Nazis were an organization were fighting shadows.

Your next door neighbor lady could be an agent of Isis.

I for one am disappointed they didn’t block off Saudi Arabia.

I agree I would think they would concentrate on that country more than any other.

It really doesn’t matter what I say because you probably think I am some horrible person either way.



To me this post sounded more like it was promoting the religion of Islam than about refugees.



I never said any of those events were justified or should be ignored. However this thread is about the refugees who are now being banned by our government. I do not think you are a horrible person, I just think its silly and dangerous to arbitrarily ban everyone of a certain religion and ethnicity from coming to our country.



I’m not trying say you are I am just pointing out that people hyperfocus on one group of people and let the rest of the world fall at the waist side.

There are tons of families that suffer world wide.

I don’t believe Islam is a religion of peace and no amount of mainstream jargon can change my mind on that you have history to blame for that.

Not that you were preaching that to me but the original post I believe was.

I do not look at those families lightly without sympathy but something has to be figured out.

Like I said were fighting shadows.



Correct, I do believe that their is currently a fundamental problem in Islam that needs to be adressed. That I defenietly agree with.



Oh thank goodness at least you have some semblance of sanity.

Some people blindly defend Islam and I am sorry but that just raises my blood pressure.

I feel bad for the people especially children.

I do not like seeing children hurt or dying and nothing angers me more than seeing sick psychopaths hurting children.

I do hope an pray those people can be helped but I also pray Isis is wiped off the earth.

I’m sorry if I gave people the wrong impression but I am not a politically correct guy.

I do care about the refugees and their families.

I’m just not a fan of the Islamic religion.:shrug:



So the writer believes that Trump’s refugee ban will NOT cause American Muslims to side with the extremists, and it will lead to MORE safety within the U.S.? This is an interesting albeit contrarian viewpoint.



that is not how I interpreted it, but I have been told I am willfully ignorant. :smiley:


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