'The Simpsons' Yanked From Venezuelan TV

‘The Simpsons’ Yanked From Venezuelan TV

Tue Apr 8, 7:39 AM EDT

D’oh! A Venezuelan TV channel has yanked “The Simpsons” off the air because it may be inappropriate for children. Taking its place: “Baywatch Hawaii.”

Televen TV station spokeswoman Elba Guillen said Monday that the decision to hand over the daily 11 a.m. time slot came after the National Telecommunications Commission received complaints from viewers.

“It had to be taken off,” Guillen said. “They consider it to be a series that isn’t appropriate for that time because it isn’t appropriate for children.”


Whiile Baywatch might in some cases be better for the development of young boys and girls, I don’t know whether it’s a justifible replacement for ‘The Simpsons’. At least the Venezulan Simpsons didn’t get to the point when the series started going downhill.

I will ask this question: Where do you rather live: China or Sweden?

Sweden is about “theft” and “coercion” (via high taxes); in contrast, China encourages capitalism but it isn’t an open society that is conducive to the expression of opinions and independent thought. For example, China pulled YouTube off air.


It goes to show that socialism or capitalism by itself isn’t conducive nor stifles liberty. Glasnost was the beginning of the formation of an open society in Russia and it help destroyed the oppressive Soviet Union.

I do not watch *The Simpsons *anymore.

Does this have something to do with Chavez?

I no longer watch the Simpsons anymore, after being quite a fan. They constantly make jokes about of God and Christianity.

However, if I walk into the room and see the show on, Im often tempted to watch a “few minutes”. I do that with a lot of programs that in my heart I don’t approve of.

:eek: Oh Please,does anyone here watch some of what passes for kids shows in Mexico and south America.?
I have seen plenty of girl assistants or whatever they call them on some of these shows in scanty blouses and shorts.
I remember when XuXa,who was a blonde lady from I think Brazil had a show on.Her show was so popular,that some tv geniuses decided to bring her here to the States and do an english language version of her show. It fell like a lead ballon,and you never hear of her any more.That was back in the 1990s.Apparently her sex appeal wasn’t enough to keep it on the air here.
think Chavez had something to do with it being yanked.

I don’t think Simpsons was EVER for children My Parents didn’t allow me to watch it until I was a teen. As for taking shots at religin. Matt Groening actually seems to show alot more respect than his counterpart McFarlane. He has God jokes, but it’s usually about how the mortals try to pull one over on him and fail. Maybe you’re referring to their wierd next door neighbor Ned whom we all have to admit is a bit extreme but at the same time he is a very good person. McFarlane’s portrayal of God is often that of a neglectful alcoholic who spends his time picking up women and throwing parties in heaven. Groening’s God is always omnipotent and you can never see his face. Even in Futurama, where God is more like a large celestial being that uses the stars to speak.

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