the simpsons

In this Homer tries to vote for Obama, stating wanting “a change” ansd joking about recounts etc. Is it okay to watch that show?

Why wouldn’t it be?

Of course it is.

I wouldn’t worry about it,the Simpsons is a poor excuse for Children’s entertainment

I don’t think “The Simpsons” are (or ever were) meant solely for "children’s entertainment.

It’s only okay to watch seasons 1–8. :stuck_out_tongue:

Never were.


The Simpsons is NOT children’s entertainment. It has always been a grown-up show.


It’s a joke - he thinks those are the only good ones. :wink:

Pensmama is correct. I was making a joke. Hence the guy with his tongue sticking out. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want a reason not to watch the show, I think there are more compelling ones than a joke about voting recounts and Homer voting for Obama.

Do you have problems with scrupulosity?

Well, OCD.

In my humble opinion , I have never thought of the Simpsons as children’s entertainment,
But rather as Adult Entertainment , it is good comedy , but it’s more adult humour,
Unfortunately it was on at 6 P M ,that’s not really adult viewing time ,
It’s not on television now,

Not only is “The Simpsons” still on, it still has a loyal following. It’s one of the longest running shows on tv. It’s now on FOX on Sunday evenings (and has been for many years). There are new episodes. The syndicated reruns are playing nearly constantly on one channel or another.

And, while it’s currently on its 28th season, it’s already been renewed for at least two seasons more through Season 30. It will probably continue long past that.

The Simpsons’ humour is adult, but not nearly as offensive as McFarlane’s garbage (Family Guy, etc.)

All notions that this show, however, is suitable for kids should be swept right out.

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