The sin of detraction in confession?


Hello everyone,

Suppose I am confessing the sin of detraction. Do I just say “I revealed the flaws of another”, and would saying whose flaws and what the flaws are be another sin of detraction?

Also, if my sins involve other people, is it detraction to name them? Should I just say “another person”?

What if I need to ask a question that would reveal another person’s sins, is this detraction?

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P.S. Suppose I made another person feel guilty about abortion on purpose. IF I feel this may be a sin, when I confess it do I just say “another person” or name the person? Or is this detraction?


I always add the sin of calumny and detraction to my Confession cause I know I can’t hold my tongue. I do try folks, really I do, but i know a lady who… oh there I go again.

I don’t specify the details of what was said I just confess that I have comitted them. I have never been asked to expand on them either.

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I just speak normally to the Priest and God - I actually read this thread because I didn’t know what detraction was :slight_smile:

I might say, “I was judgmental…” “I gossiped…” “I was overly critical…” - whatever is the truth. I know God can figure it out…


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