The sin of Pride

Forgive me if this is in the wrong place.

What exactly is the sin of pride? Am I guilty if I prayed for something that may have been outside of God’s will?

I recently told God I would do something if he wanted me too, if he opened the door to it. I didn’t want to do it, had many negative feelings toward it. I prayed that God would not require me to follow through. He granted my prayer, I wasn’t asked to do it. Now I feel like maybe I was wrong (weak and afraid) to ask to be released. Was it a sin to pray this way?

Its been suggested I have scruples and I do intend to speak to a priest but I am interested in the opinions here.

Is it pride to want to protect myself from harm? I have no family to rely on and must take care of myself. I’m in shaky circumstances right now and am focused on finding a job. A person I no longer trust says this is selfish and prideful. Thank you all for your thoughts

Recall that even Christ prayed to be spared from the passion He was about to undertake.

But He submitted to the will of the Father “yet not my will, but yours be done”.

No, it is not pride to humbly ask God for things we want. Nothing you’ve described would seem to fit into the vice of pride.

What you describe does not sound like pride. Pride is the opposite of humility.

“Pride is the excessive love of one’s own excellence.”

This Article at New Advent on Pride should help you understand better.


Pride was the downfall of Lucifer.

I believe it was Teresa of Avilla that said she welcomed every humiliation she got. It helped her to defeat pride.

If this person is going to benefit if you keep your ‘promise to God’, I would be careful. There are many people who prey upon those they can manipulate. If they are trying to use guilt (which so many who suffer from ‘scruples’ are particularly susceptible) to persuade you to do something you’re uncomfortable about, get away from them.

She would not directly benefit from my doing this but it seemed important to her that I do it because “God opened the door and if you don’t you are ungrateful”… She is very controlling and wants everyone to do things her way. she also likes to forcefully promote her ideas about faith and God, much of which I have learned is wrong. Her sister really wanted me to do it. Maybe that was why she was so invested.

Guilt was definitely involved, although she likes to say that guilt is not of God but that I made a choice to feel guilty, so she is not responsible for “making” me feel that way. I don’t trust her anymore and have decided that her hurtful way of “helping” me is not something I need. She has accused me of being prideful and self centered just because I am really focused on finding a job and not much else these days. I say pardon me for not wanting to wind up in the street…

Thank you all for your responses. I appreciate the help.

Good for you!

Bargaining with God is something most people have done at one time or another, but I don’t recommend it. When I find myself headed down that path, I pray The Lords Prayer:
Thy Will Be Done.

Try the litany of humillity.

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