the singing?


I am new to the catholic faith. I pretty much read my way in. i assume i was lead by the Spirit. Anyway, I love the catholic faith. The logic and the sense of it really appeals to me. But I can’t sing to save my life. And I don’t really like the singing in mass. It sort of bothers me. I stand in the back and don’t sing, but what should I do about being bothered by the singing of others? Is there something wrong with me? Should I just show up late, take communion and leave? I am sort of stressed about this.


You’re kidding, right?


hmmm, what kind of singing are you hearing at Mass? I have a bad voice myself, so I only sing the stuff that I can atleast get a couple of the notes right.

I have a suspicion that you are getting the sort of modern music of most Masses. So the best thing for you might probably be to find a Latin Mass, or one that has Gregorian Chant. The music is unobtrusive but at the same time glorious. IMO.

In any case, one should pray to accept other people wanting to sing in praise. They might not get all the notes right or just rub us the wrong way, but some people find their connection with Our Lord strengthened with singing.


Your singing is part of your worship. It is something you do to worship God. If you were given a pathetic voice, unfortunate, but sing anyway. It is not about entertaining or enriching those about you. Similary those about you probably sound good to God so igonore them. Concentrate on the Mass and your prayer.


From the moment you make the sign of the cross at the beginning- until you make it again at the dismissal you are in prayer- When the Word of God is being read you are engaged in holy listening- there is nothing passive always active in out sacred liturgy. Your presence is required from beginning to end. If you find yourself distracted by your neighbor remind yourself that you are judging their prayer- their offering to God- That is God’s business. Leave musical criticism to American Idol.


Flatliner, if you join in the singing yourself and concentrate on trying to do the best you can at it, it’s possible your excessive notice of others’ singing will fade. I have an idea that the reason it bothers you so much is that you are holding yourself aloof from it rather than participating. Try joining in and see if that doesn’t help a bit. :slight_smile:


Step one, sing softly.

Step two, if that isn’t sufficient, sit closer to the back of the church. According to Mr. Keating, nobody back there sings much anyway and the hymnals are practically new.

Since you have read a lot you must know singing is unrelated to the real questions of the Faith. Principles above personality… or pitch.


I find bad singing to be a distraction, too. So, I tell myself:

Offer it up!
It brings new meaning to the term: “Sacrifice of the Mass”.


You may want to try at least meditating on the words of the songs during the mass – most of them come directly from scripture, and depending on your hymnal, sometimes list the scriptural references at the bottom of the song.

I often find as I’m reading scripture, that I remember song verses that coincide with them, and for me, it is easier to memorize them in song or at least recall and remember them that way.

There are often many distractions throughout the Holy Mass, or things that we don’t particularly like. It’s not about what we like, but the fact that we are there in prayer in God’s presence for this Eucharistic Miracle. I know many people get distracted by children, but I remember a priest giving a homily once and saying that surely Jesus didn’t have complete silence while preaching to the 5000! Didn’t stop Him! I agree with “offering it up” to God during the Mass. He may even turn your heart around to start enjoying some of the music more!


Thanks for all the posts guys! i do focus on the words, and i don’t judge people for the singing as they aren’t really singing badly. It just isn’t music that I enjoy. And i really want to enjoy mass. And trust me, no one wants me to sing. Not even me. LOL. Vincent, ha, sacrifice of the mass, i’ll try to remember that. :smiley:

I would like to find a latin mass with gregorian chant, but i doubt i can find one this far south. I bet when i go to nova scotia i can find a good one. anyway, thanks all. :thumbsup:



I do know what you mean by no one wants to hear you sing. I am practically tone deaf. It means instead being unable to tell that I am singing badly, I can tell but only intermittently.:eek:

I don’t particularly care for the music either. However, I also found I was focusing on myself and others when I didn’t sing. Finally, I realized there is someone who wants to hear me, God, the reason I came to worship.

So now I literally sing a joyful NOISE unto the Lord. I sing to the best of my God given talent because only then am I able to focus on God. :love:

God Bless


[quote=pnewton]Step one, sing softly.

I would take just the opposite tack. Sing LOUD. This will force others who can sing, or think they can, to sing louder to cover for your being off tune.

This really works if you sing enthusiastically. I’ve seen one bad singer get everyone else to sing!



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