The single biggest threat to world's infrastructure


The real threat to global critical infrastructure is not enemy states or organisations but squirrels, according to one security expert.

Cris Thomas has been tracking power cuts caused by animals since 2013.
Squirrels, birds, rats and snakes have been responsible for more than 1,700 power cuts affecting nearly 5 million people, he told a security conference.

He explained that by tracking these issues, he was seeking to dispel the hype around cyber-attacks.

His Cyber Squirrel 1 project was set up to counteract what he called the “ludicrousness of cyber-war claims by people at high levels in government and industry”, he told the audience at the Shmoocon security conference in Washington.

Squirrels topped the list with 879 “attacks”, followed by:

birds - 434
snakes - 83
raccoons - 72
rats - 36
martens - 22
frogs - three


Blessed little creatures chewed through our cable wire once. :mad:


:mad: I knew squirrels weren’t to be trusted. With those fluffy tails just pretending to be cute. :wink:


Those dastardly squirrels!:stuck_out_tongue:


“Squirrel!” - Doug




The reference is to this scene in “Up”.


Generally speaking, they can only chew through an electric line once.

Now if these squirrels manage to get back up and work on a second electric line, worry.


we had problems with gophers and underground cables once.
Sharp teeth!

I don’t quite understand how frogs can pose a problem. No teeth!





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