The Sins of Freedom

So, I am trying to see the world as clearly as possible. The modern world is like in a sandstorm of ideas, opinions, theories, beliefs, and contradicting facts. It’s hard to get the sand out of the eyes.

I am starting to believe that the greatest persecution that the world has ever seen is abortion. This may just be the great persecution that Jesus was referring to. This is Satan’s great triumph over mankind. Looking at history, I can see that there have been many cases of mass murder but this time there is no military power on earth that is coming to the rescue.

I see that Satan accomplishes two purposes with abortion. He destroys the flesh of children and by deadening the consciences of the people on earth he is leading incredible numbers of people to destruction.

Justice is upended. Those people who took up arms against murderers are put in prison. Those that speak out against murder are called oppressors or fools.

Satan takes a concept that is good and places it in the hands of evil people. This time the concept is freedom. Who can argue with him? Freedom is good.

The ideal of freedom must be torn down a great deal. Freedom must be curbed. It is clear to me that the world has too much of it.

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