the sins of others

the real or imagined sins of others
is it always or usually wrong to notice the sins of others?
Jesus said we should take the beam out of our own eye … is it always projection or pride that makes me think about what other people seem to be doing?

I think that if it’s an obvious sin, like someone killing another person, then we can say/do something about it. But if we see a man looking at a woman we may only imagine him looking at her with lust. Now, if he tells you that he would do anything to have sex with her, say something. Otherwise, it may just be us thinking that he’s thinking about doing it. Of course, I’m not sure I would openly confront someone who says that they would like to rape another, but maybe say that it isn’t a good idea and also possibly tell the woman and/or police that there is the “threat” of this happening. So I guess it depends on the circumstances. And, like you said, may it not be a projection of our own stuff. :shrug:

Unless something is egregiously being done or threatened, IMNAAHO, we should keep our heads to ourselves and work off our Purgatory. The Almighty has not named us His police agents.

Still, we can’t help seeing things, and prayer is always a good idea.


love the sinner, not the sin

Sometimes it is impossible not to “notice” the sins of others. Noticing the sin is one thing, how we respond is what is important. Always exercise prudence. If you know the person who is committing a sin well enough to help them see the error, then prudently intervene. If you don’t, then when you witness a sin, offer a prayer. For example, I always try to mentally recite the Divine Praises when I hear/see any type of blasphemy against the name of the Lord, the Blessed Mother, or the saints.

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